Promotional product is a very effective marketing tool. It has the ability to increase your sales and market share. Here is a marketing idea you can offer for the music industry. Read more to find out how this product can bring in more customers.

Marketing Idea for Music Industry - Guitar Pick Puncher

Marketing Idea for Music Industry – Guitar Pick Puncher

This is a great product you can offer for enthusiastic musician. This puncher can transform useless cards into guitar picks.

A guitar pick puncher can help guitarists to save some money. Offering a promotional product that is beneficial for customers will be greatly appreciated. It shows that you are customer-oriented without saying a word.

Who can use this marketing idea?

If you are starting a new class in a music centre, you can offer this for new students. This will entice customers to sign up for your class. The product has high perceived value as it is quite difficult to find it in retail stores.

This marketing idea is especially great for student promotion. Students have less purchasing power due to limited allowances. This way you can help students to save some money to sign up for your classes.

Or even, it may stir up your students to own their own guitars. You may trigger them to make impulse purchases. An example could be Tom Lee Music or Yamaha Music School.

It is also great for new bands who wants to promote themselves. Use this as an on-pack promotion with every copy of the album sold.

Not only that, for any promotional events or trade shows, you can offer this as a giveaway. Most people will not remember what events they attended.

A promotional gift serves as a reminder. It heightens your brand recall. This is why you should always brand all your marketing gifts. The product also caters for environmentally friendly people. They will love this marketing idea. This will give you a better brand image.

What do you think about this marketing idea?