Music industry is now very competitive, with music being sold over the Internet like iTunes. Thus, many music industries are adding promotional products in their giveaways to attract people. This helps to increase the attractiveness of purchasing the original packaging instead of downloading the music online.

Are you considering including a giveaway in your album to increase the attractiveness? Well, wait no more because this article will suggest some promotional products for the music industry.

Promotional Products for Music Album

Action Figurines / Mascot

GWP Promotion - Avengers Figurines by 7up

GWP Promotion – Avengers Figurines by 7up

Figurines are a great promo gift idea. Figurines of the band members, music videos and icons become a collectible and helps to boost sales. This type of promotion can be carried out in store too, to increase the attractiveness of sales.

Mascots are also another popular option for figurines. These items portrayed here once again reflect the marketing potential a mascot can bring. A mascot puts a face to the brand which people finds it easier to relate to, translating to instant brand association.

Music badge player

Music Badger - see how it is worn to maximize visibility and exposure of your brand

Music Badger – see how it is worn to maximize visibility and exposure of your brand

This music badge is a product to get massive brand attention. Emboss your brand, either subtle or loud, depending on how your brand logo or image affects the overall vibe and design of the badge. They are also a perfect promotional medium for bands to distribute and promote their music in a tangible and cost effective way. The band could upload their album into this player and the front of the badge could feature artwork in the form of their album covers, transforming it into a “mini size album player”.


Pepsi Marketing Gift - EA Sports MVP Carbon by Monster Headsets

Pepsi Marketing Gift – EA Sports MVP Carbon by Monster Headsets

With music players now, headsets are practical promotional products you can give to your customers. A marketing gift with such a high-perceived value will definitely be able to attract people. In a way it offers an opportunity to advertise the exclusivity of the prizes and it helps to boost your brand and event awareness!

Guitar Pick Puncher

Marketing Idea for Music Industry - Guitar Pick Puncher

Marketing Idea for Music Industry – Guitar Pick Puncher

This is a great product you can offer for enthusiastic musician. This puncher can transform useless cards into guitar picks. A guitar pick puncher can help guitarists to save some money. It shows that you are customer-oriented without saying a word. This marketing idea is especially great for student promotion. Students have less purchasing power due to limited allowances. This way you can help students to save some money to sign up for your classes. It is also great for new bands who wants to promote themselves. Use this as an on-pack promotion with every copy of the album sold. Not only that, for any promotional events or trade shows, you can offer this as a giveaway. Most people will not remember what events they attended.

Music Box or Collector Edition Box

batman collectors edition

batman collectors edition

A music box is a great promotional product as you can even add your own music piece in it. It can also double up as a jewelry box and increase your customer’s experience with you.

Collector editions command a higher selling price. To arouse interest, the packaging must be unique and desirable. The box packaging can have just as much value as the merchandise inside. As with many collectible items, the packaging is what holds its value as a collectible item. People would want to show off their collector edition and what better way is there to place a collectible game box on a book shelf or table.

Promotional Speakers

Induction speaker

Induction Speaker

Induction Speaker

Induction speaker works brilliantly like a any other speakers, and the added advantage is that there are no wires attached, so it is portable and tangle-free. No wires, no Bluetooth, no hassle. Your phones, or device with any speaker, would instantly play your music when you place your phones on the induction speaker.

Paper speaker

Free speakers by Eco Expo Asia

Free speakers by Eco Expo Asia

The foldable paper speaker can be imprinted with your company name and logo and act as an advertisement for anyone who sees or uses it. This improves brand recognition and motivates customers to make repeat purchases. Ultimately, it would boost customer loyalty.

Mini speaker

Can speakers - promotional products

Can speakers – promotional products

It has both a USB device and a battery, which makes it easy to use for all sorts of occasions. It has a rotatable metal holder. With your branding on the speaker surface, it makes it more visible and catchy. The rotatable metal holder can make the speaker to stand or to hang it somewhere.

Keep in mind also, as speakers are often shared at home or with friends, these benefits spread far beyond the initial receiver. Consumers who receive this promo gift are your organisation’s tool for direct advertising and are more likely to refer friends, colleagues, and others to your company.

Silicon horn speaker

Sleek and Trendy Promotional Gift- Silicon Horn Amplifier

Sleek and Trendy Promotional Gift- Silicon Horn Amplifier

The silicon horn amplifier is sleek yet trendy and acts as an amplifier for your iPhones or iPods, it can also be used as a display item to be placed on your desk or shelf. The silicon horn amplifier basically amplifies the sounds that come out of the gadget placed over the mouth and it will exit from the horn opening. This is a very cool product as it is able to amplify sounds/music without the use of batteries. One, it helps users save money on purchasing batteries to withstand the usage of this product. Two, it saves the earth by using less energy resources.

Musical Instruments/Parts

Drumstick Key Ring / drumstick

Drumstick keyring

Drumstick keyring

Customized drumsticks are not only an awesome product for any drum lover but also for anyone who loves cool design products. It can become a promotional product just like any other pens. Do not hesitate to put your brand and logo on the body of each of the drumstick. For example, if your company is sponsoring a music festival, this gift is perfect to be given away. Moreover, it can be really useful for musicians and then they will definitely keep it.


Earplugs are the perfect promotional products to giveaway during trade shows, especially music trade shows. This is a very popular product in France during their trade shows, where people literally queue for this free earplugs as they are able to shop for their musical products freely during the trade shows.


Carixola Alternative: LED Maracas

Carixola Alternative: LED Maracas

This gift offers a great option for customization! The LED in the maracas comes in wide range of colors and thus you can select the colors that suit your promotion best! If you have a larger marketing budget, you can also consider customizing the shape of the maracas as well!

Guitar strap

With the ability to customize your own brand name and logo, this product is attention grabbing. When the straps have gotten the attention of the other people, they will get to know about your brand! This is excellent, as the great amount of attention will help to improve your brand’s publicity and recognition.


Customized stickers are a huge hit in many companies these days. Youths these days are a fan of stickers as they stick them on laptops and their musical case or instruments like guitars. This helps to create awareness and publicity for your brand as they bring their musical instruments around. Also read about car bumper stickers.

Notebook with music lines inside

Lastly, a notebook is very cost effective promotional products provide maximum benefits to your company at little cost! One benefit of offering this item as a gift is that it can be completely customized. Most promotional products only allow the brand’s logo to be on a limited surface area. However on a notebook, both the front and back of the product can be covered with your design and advertisement pictures! This means that you will be able to utilize the advertising space on the product efficiently! Not only so, with the musical lines inside, musicians can take this book with them all the time and pen down the notes when they are inspired!


After reading on so many promotional products, have you got inspired yet? Contact ODM Asia today for more information! We also have design services too, if you need them!