A promotional badge itself is ordinary and boring, but pair that up with a music player and a nice design for the perfect wearable way to listen to music and promote your brand; creating buzz and heightening visibility effectively.

Music Badger - see how it is worn to maximize visibility and exposure of your brand

@ the HK Electronics Show, with a variety of designs and brand logos

An entirely new idea introduced at the HK Electronics Show, the music badge player (music badger) is a chic promotional product to get your brand massive attention. Emboss your brand, either subtle or loud, depending on how your brand logo or image affects the overall vibe and design of the badge.

These music badgers make a very nice promotional product and GWP, especially if your target market is teenagers/young adults. These cool devices are also a perfect promotional medium for bands to distribute and promote their music in a tangible and cost effective way. The band could upload their album into this player and the front of the badge could feature artwork in the form of their album covers, transforming it into a “mini size album player”.

Work just like an iPod Shuffle, the songs cannot be rearranged or viewed, but this minimalist does have all the basic controls to play, pause, skip and adjust volume. It will be powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, and all your consumers have to do is to plug in a set of headphones, while this device supplies the sound.

The Basic Controls; Prototype of the Music Badger