There are so many wine accessories out in the wine market it is hard to choose just one to offer. Here is the perfect solution: offer a set of wine accessories! We spotted this fun wine accessory set at the trade show in HK, it comes with three products that are perfect to hand out as a GWP campaign for a wine company. Each set comes with a wine pourer, a wine bottle opener and a vacuum stopper.

Three Piece Wine Accessory Set

The opener is designed as a miniature wine bottle in the colors of wine bottles. This product is easily customizable by putting the wine label of your company on the front of the bottle opener. The opener will have the appearance of a miniature bottle of wine. The wine accessory set will be a great gift to be associated with the purchase of a case of wine. It can also be given away as promotional item in order to raise brand awareness.

A detailed label printed on the bottle opener will be a constant reminder of your company’s wine. By giving out this wine accessory set you are increasing the visibility of your wine brand, the bottle opener and other accessories will be used extensively by wine drinkers. Due to repeated use and subconsciously reading the brand name on the products this could make the customer purchase more of your company’s wine.

Make sure to include the wine accessory set, in your company’s list of promotional products or as the product for the next GWP campaign. This product could be great for any kind of company to offer as a corporate gift. The choice of accessories in the wine set can be modified to your company’s request, this model in the picture is just an example out of many options available.

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