Pieroth shows a great example of how promotional products can be used in internet promotions

Even on internet purchases, promotional products still play an important role. Though internet e-commerce site Groupon, German wine brand Pieroth is offering a promotional  gift with purchase consisting of 2 wine glasses and a bottle opener on a bundle deal of any 3 types of Pieroth wine and wine tasting session.

We feel it to be a compelling case study for successful use of promotional products to market over the internet.

Mechanism.   Spend HK$199 (US$ 26 approx)   Get 3 bottles of wine (mixed) 2 wine glasses & a bottle opener.   The wine glasses and bottle opener give individuals who are new to the wine market convenience in terms of ability open bottles and pour a proper glass of wine.   Shows that Pieroth is a premium wine label with enjoyment to be attained not just in taste, but also in ceremony.

The bottle opener in particular caught our eye. Shaped like a wine bottle, the top disassembles into a crank operated bottle opener/lever. The design of the item is much like a bottle of Pieroth wine, with the label featuring the Pieroth logo. This help is long term advertising as users are reminded of Pieroth when utilizing the opener.

Wine glasses and wine bottle have a high perceived value making it a great promotional product to offer consumers overall. However, we feel that this promotion could be better enhanced through offering the butterfly wine opener over the generic wine opener and the wine album for wine label collection.

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