Golden Butterfly Face are currently offering their Tempranillo Garnacha And Cabernet Sauvignon in fantastic bottle pouches as part of a gift with purchase promotion. This luxurious Spanish Wine can be picked up in Vanguard stores in Zhuhai. This is a great promotion because the bottle pouch keeps the wine chilled when being transported, prevents the bottle from being damaged and looks great. The pouch can easily be reused on a different bottle while still retaining the free advertisement space.

On Pack Promotion for Wine

There is an increasing demand in China for western products. By offering fresh promotions and new incentives to purchase companies not only boost brand awareness but also increase perceived value leading to more sales. In the up-market alcohol industry bottle packaging really makes the difference. Elegant bottle design and wrapping makes the product stand out from the rest.

For more interesting promotions about alcohol and related products keep your eyes on ODM.

We recently commented on the trend for Promotional Bottle Coats in Europe.   Now Promotional Products in China follow the trend….