Wine Bottle Promotional Products

Wine companies try to stand out from their competition by offering eye catching promotional gifts. Here we see a promotion by Frescobaldi in Wellcome stores in Hong Kong.

With many wine companies offering the waitors friend corkscrew as an on-pack, this gift with purchase is not so unique.  ODM suggest that a more fun promotion would be to choose from these more unique corkscrews.

See how some companies in the States use Whacky and off the wall promos to sell their ranges of hot sauce.

However, the rigid plastic packaging for this Bottle Necker is far superior than other promos we usually see in shops.  Stronger packaging means that there is little chance of theft or the products falling off due to paper bottle necker breaking.  The blister pack also protects the inner paper leaflets which communicate on the history of the wine and the province of Florence in Tuscany.

Promotional Products on Bottle Necks