The New Zealand wine brand, Red Cliffe Sauvignon Blanc had this on-pack promo and gave away pedometer with every bottle purchased. Bottle Necker presentation can indeed make promo stand out from the shelves.

RedCliffe Pedometer Promotion

But, a wine company giving away pedometer? 

Usually, brands give away promo gifts related to their core products. However, this promo is a little different as pedometer has absolutely no relation to the product- Wine.

Either the marketing department made a wrong choice of promo gift, or it was done deliberately as a promo tactic. Having a promo gift like this was really risky, either that promotion would be rejected or being widely publicized.

This promo had successfully caused a buzz over the internet as people mock the choice of unrelated promo gift. A negative news? Definitely not, it was a great chance of publicity for the brand.

Customers who received the pedometer would remember this unique promotion whenever they use it.

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