It seems that glass promo is always very popular among the wine brands. Spotted at the US Target stores, Inniskillin also had wine glasses as on-pack gifts with every bottle of Ice Wine. These custom gift set accentuates the brand’s rich history and encourages customers to make that purchase.

These wine glasses are great for any occasion as they can also be used with other beverages. Multicolor logo imprint can make the glasses extra eye-catching on the shelves, increasing sales. During usage, the logo can also attract attention and continue to promote brand in long term. The visible logo helps a lot with brand recognition.

Since such wine glasses promotions has become a common and overly populated. It is important to differentiate your brand from others. One way is to customize the promo gift. Examples will be to create logo emboss, customized shaped glasses or have unique colors on glasses. The brand wants to show their appreciation to their customers through this amazing in pack offer. Check out Custom Glassware for more detail.

To Conclude…

A customer knows a good deal when they spot one. This promotion is a good example of a good buy; bringing home two items for a price of one. Customers will know that they will save money on this purchase because they get a quality gift for just doing their regular purchase. Customers will get to see the branding every time they use it. Also, the brand utilizes creative packaging to enhance their marketing campaign.

Why ODM?

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the use of this custom gift set?

These custom gift set accentuates the brand's rich history and encourages customers to make that purchase.

Is these promotional gifts customisable?

These promotional products are customizable and durable, so don’t forget to place your logo prominently on the promotional item to maintain brand awareness.

Benefits of giving promotional in-pack gift items?

These promotional gifts will help your brand stand out, gaining a fun brand image as the purpose of this product is for the customers to enjoy. It should be enticing to get their interest otherwise, they will just walk past without any recognition.

How can ODM help?

We will provide you with our quality sourcing, designing, and manufacturing services necessary to help you with your next promotional campaign.

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