If you are looking for new and exciting promotional wine gifts that won’t kill your marketing budget, then why not use a wine bottle towel? This merchandise is the perfect gift with purchase for drinks promotions and giveaways for trade shows. The practicality and uniqueness of the product make it an effective marketing gift item.

Promotional Wine Gifts Design Kitchen Towel In Wine Bottle Shape

Promotional Wine Gifts Design Kitchen Towel In Wine Bottle Shape

Why We Love This Wine Bottle Towel

  • Novelty: The towels are creatively packaged complete with cap, label, and custom packaging, making them look like real wine bottles. Unique items never fail to attract customers. As such, having this novelty item alongside your wine or other drinks products can draw people in to your shop or in-store display.
Promotional Wine Gifts Design Kitchen Towel In Wine Bottle Shape

Promotional Wine Gifts Design Kitchen Towel In Wine Bottle Shape

  • Practicality: Its always good to opt for high-utility promotional items. You don’t want your product to go straight to the trash bin. Promotional towels are perfect for the beach, travels, and every day use. With your logo on it, your brand will gain tremendous exposure outside shopping stores.
  • Customizability: Towels can come in various colors and sizes, depending on your promotional requirements. You can also brand colors for instant brand recognition.
  • Branding: Consider this wine bottle towel as a walking advertisement. Logo can be printed on the towel to raise brand awareness. You have a number of printing options: reactive printing, digital printing or you can have the logo/brand name embroidered.
  1. Reactive printing uses dye that penetrates deep in the fabric, creating vibrant prints.
  2. Digital printing creates precise clear and crisp designs, but since the pigment does not penetrate into the fabric, prints may not last long.
  3. Embroidered logos, on the other hand, look fancy and tend to last long.

Check out this blog below to learn more about the towel printing and challenges you might encounter.

Benefits – Using Towels as Promotional Wine Gifts

Using practical and unique promotional items, such as this wine bottle shaped towel, can boost your marketing efforts in so many ways. Here are some of the reasons you should consider using this wine bottle towel for your next wine promotions:

Promotional Wine Gifts Design Kitchen Towel In Wine Bottle Shape

Promotional Wine Gifts Design Kitchen Towel In Wine Bottle Shape

  • Continued Brand Visibility: Customers will keep you brand on top of mind long after they have consumed their wine, thanks to your branded towel. It can be used at the beach, workout sessions at the gym and at home. Because such item can be used repeatedly for many days, it increases your exposure on daily basis. Visibility is important if you want to drive up your sales.
  • Maintains Interest: Gifts are a great way to keep customers hooked to your brand. It is practical so it helps improve customer engagement.
  • Cost-Effective: If you are just starting out  in the wine industry, thinking of a promotional gift can be overwhelming. You don’t want something too expensive because these could hurt your marketing budget if you end up with unsold items in your inventory. You don’t want cheap unreliable items either. A promotional towel would be a safe option. It’s useful and at the same time production is relatively inexpensive. To make your towel stand out, it is extremely important to work with an experienced product designer. Contact Mindsparkz for high quality designs.

This wine bottle towel is also ideal for hotels and airlines as complementary gift for every purchase of any of the wine they offer. Furthermore, it can greatly help startups and medium sized companies with limited marketing budget.

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The competition in the wine and drinks industry is tough. One must be creative in order to maintain the interest of customers. And this wine bottle towel can further improve your visibility, profitability as well as customer retention.

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