Looking for a marketing gift idea? Well, you can consider giving away this wine bottle shaped thumb drive as an attractive marketing gift. This thumb drive is massively unique and it is fairly suitable for companies that are in the alcoholic beverage industry.

Marketing gift idea- Wine bottle shaped thumb drive

Marketing gift idea- Wine bottle shaped thumb drive

Wine is great for parties and celebrations and there is a wide selection of wine in the market. In order to stand out in this competitive crowd, you will need to utilize marketing gifts that are attention grabbing.

A thumb drive is handy especially when you need to save some important files. Its light weight makes it portable and easy to carry around. This product also has a long product life and high utility value. Looking at this wine bottle thumb drive, users could easily relate it to your business in the wine industry.

Why is this thumb drive a good marketing gift?

Firstly, this thumb drive is unique and eye-catching. It can easily catch customers’ attention. Besides that, this thumb drive is great for customization as well. You could customize the thumb drive design to the exact design of your actual wine product. This makes it a mini replica of your wine product. Whenever the thumb drive is being used, it will instantly remind your customer about your brand. This would improve brand recall which is an effective branding strategy. Brand recall acts as a constant reminder for your brand, and ultimately encourages customers to make repeated purchases.

Branding your marketing gift is fairly important. It allows you to communicate your brand message to your prospects. Branded thumb drives are advertising agents for your brand. This would promote brand awareness. Strong brand awareness would drive the company’s sales and market share as compared to other competitors in the market. Furthermore, brand awareness means that more people will be aware about your brand. Thus, consumers would consider buying your brand when they are out shopping for some wine.

Thumb drives can be easily customized to fit your needs. Here are some useful links that you can refer to!