Imagine a situation – you are trying to open a bottle of wine during a time of celebration, and guests are sitting and waiting  for you to open the drink and failing. With our cool wine marketing gift idea you don’t need to struggle.

This electric bottle opener has a stylish, and attracting design, making wine bottle opening hands free and now very, plus side it looks very impressive!

Wine Marketing Gift Idea - Electric Bottle Opener

Wine Marketing Gift Idea – Electric Bottle Opener

Why should you choose this electric bottle opener as wine marketing gift idea?

  • Brand value. In addition, the impression got from your guests by this way of opening a bottle of wine will exceed your expectations and explore the ‘wow-factor’. Using this electric bottle opener during business events indicates its high class and value.
  • High-end gift. Also you can use this item as a classy gift for clients and partners. This wine marketing gift idea will let you emphasise the importance of partnership. In any case, this unusual gift will leave a good impression about your company, especially if branded with your companies logo.
  • Practicality. One press of a button using this electric wine opener and the cork comes out of the bottle automatically. You must be sure that when giving this electric bottle opener, your clients or partners will be glad to use it every time they need to open a bottle and will always remember you.
  • Brand awareness. You can give this product to bars or restaurants. People in the crowd will see it because of its uniqueness and high value and this will provide good advertising for your brand, and can help with word of mouth advertising.

Looking for more marketing ideas for your business then feel free to contact us today! Here at ODM we have years of experience in manufacturing and designing and have lots of inspirational promo product ideas! For this electric wine opener please reference product code ODM-1244 to us and we’ll be happy to assist.

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