Virgin Wines is offering a funky electric corkscrew opener to their customers! The online wine retailer , who is based in UK, is running a gift with purchase (GWP) promotion with the purchase of their selected wines. The branded electric corkscrew opener has a light up body which makes it quite entertaining for your guests to watch. Since it is cordless, you can charge the battery using a USB cable with almost any charging devices.

Branded Electric Corkscrew Opener by Virgin Wines

Branded Electric Corkscrew Opener by Virgin Wines

Why is a branded electronic corkscrew opener ideal as a premium marketing gift?

A branded electronic corkscrew can help you to stand out from other competitors who offer common wine gifts such as bottle stoppers or traditional wine openers! This electric corkscrew wine opener looks high end as it is made from aluminium. You can customize your company logo, product color and box packaging of this gift.  It  provides a  fantastic branding opportunity to increase brand visibility and awareness. Your customers will be happy to add another trendy bottle opener tool to their other wine accessories.

The branded electric corkscrew opener takes 8 seconds to open a bottle which is easy to operate. The cork is automatically pulled out and removed effortlessly. Customers will be looking for this tool as it is convenient and handy. Every time someone uses it, they will easily recall your brand! It will leave your customers with a positive association with your products.

You can choose this branded electric corkscrew opener to suit your company image. Customers are incline to try your new product when you offer a premium marketing gift. Beginners who are new to wine drinking can avoid the tragedy of breaking the cork or leaving it halfway in the neck of the bottle. This branded bottle opener will add incentive for your customers to purchase your wine, rather than your competitors.The premium high-end marketing gift enhance the justification of purchasing your product.

If you are interested in this product, please inquire by contacting us here. Do check out our other blog posts on wine promotions and gifts.

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