Tired of the usual wine marketing technique? Marketing wine can be a bit daunting especially with so many high-end names on the shelf. This is why companies invest heavily in promotional products. We want people to take notice of our products by luring them with unique yet useful marketing gifts. Take for example this gift with purchase branded wine opener by Frontera.

Branded Wine Opener

Branded Wine Opener

The Chilean wine is offering a free corkscrew with purchase of their wine. This was a good marketing tactic because the the gift suits the product on offer. It’s practical and it comes with a case to protect the metal screw from rusting or poking a hole from your bag pocket.

We also love the fact that they used this useful item as a custom bottle necker. Seeing the gift attached on the bottle gives customers an idea what the promotional gift would look like. This could push them to make quick decisions right at the point of sale!


Why Frontera Branded Wine Opener is a Great Wine Promotional Product

So you bought a bottle wine but unfortunately you have nothing to unscrew the cork stopper with. Without a corkscrew or an electric wine opener, customers are forced to improvise. Some use fork to get the screw out. Lucky if they do get the screw out but others accidentally push the cork inside the bottle. As such, we can say that Frontera’s move to use a corkscrew as a freebie is a smart move. Here’s why:

Reasons to Offer a Branded Wine Opener

  • Convenience – What Frontera did is offer something that customers can use right away. Not only did the prospect of having a free gift reeled them in, but the promise of convenience in their custom bottle opener convinced them to choose Frontera over others.
  • Money-Saver – Buying a bottle of wine and corkscrew separately may cost customers more than buying Frontera’s 2-in-1 promotion. Therefore, this brand’s marketing strategy will surely attract their target market because this gift will be perceived as worth their money.
Branded Wine Opener

Branded Wine Opener

  • Nicely Branded – The branded wine opener comes with a cover. To use the pocket wine opener, unsheathe the corkscrew and insert the plastic cover on the hole on the top part of the handle to form a crossbar. This will provide a secure and steady grip, allowing customers to unscrew their wine with so much ease!
  • Lasting Power – Customers can use this at home, camping, and corporate events. Bartenders and restaurant owners will also find this small wine tool to be truly useful. The branding on the sheath exposes the brand to so many people. Thus this creates better brand recognition beyond shopping stores. Moreover, as they are useful, customers will continuously use them long after the bottle of wine it came with is finished. This ensures that the brand remains on top of their mind.
  • Portable – Because this is a portable corkscrew, customers can carry them in their bags. The cover keeps the screw from puncturing their bag pockets. Waiters and bartenders will find this convenient to use and keep in their pockets.
Branded Wine Opener

Branded Wine Opener

Our Key Takeaways…

Marketing drinks can be a bit daunting knowing that you are competing against so many high-end and estabished brands. But you need not worry. There are many ways to stand out from this saturated industry.

Marketing gifts with purchase, such as this portable corkscrew, are a surefire way to make customers to pay attention to your products. An additional product that is offered for free always appeals to customers because it allows them to save more. Thus, the money that they are supposed to spend on buying a corkscrew will be allocated to other home essentials.

So, if you are thinking of offering a portable branded wine opener to promote your company, do not hesitate to contact The ODM Group. We will help you design and source effective promotional wine merch to boost your business. Our team works with product designers at Mindsparkz to give you the best possible custom promotional products for the wine industry.

We have thousands of blogs about promotional products for the drinks industry. So please check out some of our favorite articles below for marketing inspiration.


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