For the joyous upcoming Tet holidays, brands are basking in festivity by releasing enticing promotional offers. In order to stand out from competitive brands, Chin-su is trying to get noticed by customers with custom bottle neckers. Using the colour red matches the spirits of Tet celebration. Moreover, it accurately matches the sauce in the bottle.

custom bottle neckers

custom bottle neckers

The custom bottle necker presents to customers information on how it can be used during cooking. Chili garlic Soy sauce can be used fried cooking: using 30g sauce with 300g meat/fish. While grilled cooking, one should 30g sauce with 300g meat/fish. For stir-fry cooking, 30g sauce with 500g vegetables. This is good advice on how to effectively use the product to ensure whoever utilizes it reap the best results. With positive cooking experience, customers will definitely stay brand loyal.

How Does Custom Bottle Neckers Attract Customers Attention?

  • Enhances Visibility – Compared to other products in the supermarket, the bottles do not have much height. By using the custom bottle neckers, it increases visibility as the bottles look taller and larger in size. Furthermore, the colours red, green and black are very distinctive to the eyes. With its planned aesthetics, It will certainly pique interest. Brands can also consider a customized POP display with the shape of the bottle or a LED promotional display.
  • Relevant & Informative – The bottle neckers are relevant to the brand’s image and it reaches out to more people by engaging with their thought process. By containing simple messages or instructions that can educate customers on how to use it beneficially.
  • Imagery –  Using real-life images of dishes will stimulate trust and credibility towards the brand. It creates various imaginable possibilities with the brand, thus customers are more inclined to try it out.


Possible Improvement

  • Silicone Glass Marker – Make it easier and prevent confusion with this silicone glass marker! Especially during the new year, they will be many gatherings. Hence, this as a promotional gift gives value and will demand customer’s attention to purchase the main product.
  • Bottle Collar Promotion – contest giveaways can be promoted through the bottle neckers. Take the chance to reward your loyal customers even if your marketing budget is small!
  • Red Packet Organizer – with the upcoming Lunar New Year, why not gift your customers something useful and practical like a red packet organizer? This will prove to come in handy especially to ensure red packets will remain in good condition even after stuffing in the bag.
  • Chinese New Year Socks – Socks will easily be appreciated as a promo gift because of its functionality. You can even customize it to fit your brand image or any occasion suitable to raise awareness.


Work with Us

If you need your products to withstand the stiff competition at supermarts,  you can put your trust in ODM. We have vast experience in the industry, specializing in product designing and manufacturing high-quality promotional products, packaging, and POS display units.

We can certainly provide you with design services as our dedicated team of product designers at Mindsparkz will help you out though product brainstorming sessions in your next marketing campaign. Contact us today!


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