Jacob’s Creek has a special offer for their customers: buy a bottle of red wine and get 2 packs of Lindt chocolate for free! Through its custom printed bottle necker, Jacob’s Creek managed to convey their promotional message right at the point of sale.

Custom Printed Bottle Necker

Custom Printed Bottle Necker

There is only one word to describe this promotion: clever! Bottle neckers are a great way to make a statement at the point of sale. They are very easy to implement, encourage impulse buys at the point of sale, and set the brand apart from the others. With that said, let us take a look at how Jacob’s Creek used this unique delivery mechanism for promotional products.


Why this Custom Printed Bottle Necker Works?

1.Simple Yet Effective– This piece of card hanging on the bottleneck can be an efficient and fast way to promote products. Moreover, the bottle neckers helped make their products distinguishable.

2. Sends Clear Message– Bottle neckers are an inexpensive way to make your products pop out from the shelf. They used bold, warm colors, and elegant colors to show that Jacob’s Creek is a high-end fine wine. Most importantly, it effectively conveyed the message that customers are getting free chocolates when they buy a bottle of their red wine.

Custom Printed Bottle Necker

Custom Printed Bottle Necker

3. Unique Branding- There are many ways to utilize a custom bottle necker to make wine promotions a success. They offer marketers a lot of room to customize and be creative with their promotions. Take a look at this example:


4. Design Appeal- Jacob’s Creek’s bottle necker is a simple, yet appealing and functional. The bottle necker was also used as a packaging for Lindt’s chocolate, which is really clever. Furthermore, the red and black bottle necker creates a stunning contrast against the bottle’s white label.

5. Informative– The custom printed bottle necker also shows the nutritional content of the chocolates. Doing this helps customers make wise buying decisions.

Custom Printed Bottle Necker

Custom Printed Bottle Necker

6. Differentiates Jacob’s Creek from Competition- As you can see there are so many wine bottles on the rack and it can be hard to tell which one you are looking for. Luckily, Jacob’s Creek has used a bottle necker to set their product apart. It draws the attention of customers to the bottles and encourages them to make the purchase right away.

Custom Printed Bottle Necker

Custom Printed Bottle Necker

What Did We Learn From Jacob’s Creek?

Jacob’s Creek did a great job promoting 2 products using their bottle neckers. The simplicity of this marketing tool is what makes it an effective marketing tool for wine and liquor marketing. Moreover, custom printed bottle neckers can help you promote your brand for a quarter of the cost of TV ads and costly billboards.


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