4 Custom Bottle Necker Design Ideas to Build Brand Sales

As we all know, the month of May is a full-pack celebration for all drink lovers out there. Some of the big events that people celebrate during the month are Beverages Day, World Whiskey Day, and Wine Day. People’s fondness for drinks calls for wineries to take advantage of these 3 main events. And to “booze” their sales here’s where unique custom bottle necker design ideas come in.

bottle necker design

Bottle Necker Design Ideas

Before we delve into what bottle necker design and idea to utilize, let us first figure out what a bottle necker is

Bottle necker is sometimes called “bottleneck tag,” or “bottle hanger.” This diminutive point-of-purchase item allures customers to grab your drink products and add them to their cart. Similar to an on-pack product, the items are attached to the neck of the bottle, hence the name.

4 Awesome Wine Bottle Necker Ideas

Now that you have an understanding of what promotional bottle neckers are, the question is what bottle necker design you can use for your business? Since thIn lieu, why not create your own identity by creating unique promotional ideas such as these cool bottle neckers.

1. Branded Socks

Let your senses take flight any season of the year! Be it summer, spring, or winter, let your customers savor their favorite drinks. As people love to engage in different outdoor activities during summer, these branded socks as a bottle necker idea would be a hit. Perfect to wear for running, camping, or trekking, these socks would certainly make your customers feel comfortable. If they wish to bring their wine together with these socks during the adventure, they would absolutely have the chance to do so.

bottle necker design

Bottle Necker Design

Aside from summer, a pair of socks is very in demand during the winter season. Allow your customers to sip their drinks while enjoying the comfort brings by these branded socks. Product Code: ODM- 2912


2. Wine Bottle Lights

Show what you’ve got, light up your brand! The bottle necker design would change the way you promote your brand. Wine bottle lights are perfect items to entice your customers. Uniquely designed to add a little spice to the way wine lovers enjoy their drinks, these custom bottle necker-on-pack items would go well with your vino products. Comes in kraft paper packaging, these promotional bar accessories would surely call the attention of your eco-conscious shoppers.

bottle necker design

Perfect to decorate for intimate moments, these wine bottle lights would surely allure customers. Product Code: ODM- 2908


3. Wine Stopper

For every wine lover out there, there is no more convenient than having a wine stopper or cork pack along with their favorite wine. A wine stopper can be considered as a practical bottle necker gift with purchase item. It has the ability to make wine’s life longer.

bottle necker design

Bottle Necker Design

Wine changes after opening its bottle. If not preserved well, the quality of the wine will be affected. With the use of a wine stopper, this will be prevented. With the advantages that this bottle necker idea could offer, more and more customers would be encouraged to avail of your products.

These promotional wine stoppers can help maintains the freshness and the quality of the wine for weeks. Thus, many people use this item as branded wine gift for their wine-lover friends.

As a wine stopper is a very practical and attractive gift to give, this bottle necker idea would be worth highlighting. Product code: ODM- 2911


4. Branded Alcohol Shot Glass

People consumed drinks in the form of shots. Drinking would not be completed without a shot glass to pour your drinks into.

bottle necker design

Bottle Necker Design

A branded shot glass is not just useful for party-goers. It is indeed a great idea of a bottle necker idea. As a marketing tool, this has to be packed impressively to pique the interest of the customers. Moreover, bottle neckers must be presented to the audience with a unique aesthetic appeal. Product Code: ODM- 2910

bottle necker design

Bottle Necker Design Sketch

If you are wondering how this bottle necker is designed, here’s a hand sketch for you.


Are bottle neckers for wine marketing only?

Custom bottle necker is designed to serve as a point of purchase display, to stimulate impulse purchases, and encourage additional purchases. It is usually the wine and beverage industry that uses this marketing tactic. However, even condiment brands use this marketing idea. Such examples of this bottle necker ideas are as follow:

Simple, yet attention grabbing. The bottle necker design is indeed a promising perfect for this hygiene product.

How to make your bottle necker design an attention-grabbing one?

Various bottle neckers have already flooded the market today. Thus, copying what they already have would affect how people perceive your brand. In lieu, why not improve your bottle necker design that perfectly exudes your brand identity? Here are some ways on how to do so.

1.Provide what your customers need

Aside from your product, why not offer another item that compliments your offered product? Beverages are absolutely great samples for this. Wine is consumed in the form of shots, hence offering shot glasses is indeed a very smart and practical bottle necker item to give.

Moreover, knowing that you as a company always consider what’s your consumers’ needs can give additional value points to your brand.

2. Make it aesthetically pleasing

Make your product beautiful inside and out. As your offered product is considered to be of high quality, the item that comes along with it must do the same. From the product quality to its packaging, everything must be pleasing in order to draw more prospective customers to your store.

The bottle necker’s design must always be something that would capture the interest of your target audience.

3. Customize the item

Modify the item according to your preference and how you want people to see your brand. Add additional details about your business. Moreover, personalizing it with your brand identity definitely adds high publicity for the brand. You may also design them in a way people will be happy to grab any of your products available on the shelf.


To Wrap it Up…

The presence of bottle neckers in the market creates a different impact on a brand. It surely helps build higher brand visibility and awareness. Moreover, when they were presented well to the audience, they probably generate sales for the brand. With the diverse available marketing tools and ideas, thinking of something unique and practical would leverage the value of your brand. Thus, the bottle necker design ideas mentioned above are indeed very great samples of branded bar accessories that are worth a try.


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