There’s nothing more soothing than drinking your favorite beverage at the end of a busy day. Apart from making you feel relaxed, it can also be the ideal time to catch up with your family or friends. On the other hand, moisten tabletop and leaked beverages might muddle this drinking experience. Thinking of a perfect marketing tool that will solve this problem? Check out these LED light coasters with logo that will certainly pave your way into victory!

Coasters with Logo

Coasters with Logo

LED Light Coasters with Logo

A drink coaster is used to rest your drinks upon them. It helps to protect the surface from any moisture or damage that hot or cold beverages may cause. But this drink coaster we would like to introduce to you today is not your typical coaster. Already intrigued with this product? Let’s unravel the beauty behind these custom promotional coasters.

Coasters with Logo

Coasters with Logo


  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Thickness: 0.4 cm
  • Diameter: 10 cm
  • Charge: USB Port


What is the Edge of these Coasters Among the Others?

1. Innovative –

Integrated with LED technology, these coasters are totally innovative. It can emit RGB lights that can make your drinking cups look fancier.  Each item also comes in a simple yet sleek design that makes it not “too much” to look at. These coasters are perfect for minimalistic themes and will turn every surface enchanting.

2. Ultrathin and Durable –

With the sleek design comes the ultrathin feature of these coasters. They are portable and easy to store. It won’t take a lot of space to fit them in your drawers. Consequently, they are also perfect for bringing anywhere. You don’t have to worry as these coasters are certainly durable and can withstand everyday wear and tear.

3. Waterproof –

These LED light drink coasters with logo are absolutely waterproof. The leaking water or the moist from drinking cups and mugs cannot dig their way into these coasters. You can use these coasters frequently to your heart’s content without agonizing about the possible damage it may cause.

4. Versatility –

Apart from using them based on how they are named, you can take advantage of this product’s versatility. They can be a LED promotional display, promotional gift with purchase, or an on-pack giveaway. Time can unravel the endless opportunities that these custom coasters offer.

Coasters with Logo

Coasters with Logo


How About The Marketing Advantages?

  • Boost Up Brand Awareness – Perfect for producing branded coasters; you can customize these with your brand’s logo or name. They are perfect for disseminating into different establishments such as pubs, restaurants, cafés, and even salons. These coasters are also ideal for weddings, trade shows, and team buildings.
  • Effective Customer Retention – With this marketing tool, you can allure customers easily. You can also convert onlookers into consumers as you show them these custom drink coasters and their features. Accordingly, people will love how your brand can provide them a great service with functional promotional items. Thereby boosting customer retention.
  • Improves Brand Visibility – As one of the high-utility promotional items, the target audience may probably see these coasters everywhere. It improves brand visibility and lets your target audience recognize your brand. It also set your brand apart from your competitors and creates room for distinction.
  • Builds Up Brand Creativity – Marketing managers often forget the value of creativity when it comes to brand building. As you set these coasters as your promotional item, it can inspire more innovative and creative marketing tools in the future.
Coasters with Logo

Coasters with Logo

A Notable Bottle Glorifier

One of the specialties of the ODM group is producing bottle glorifiers for the beverage industry and liquor promotions. These light-up coasters are just one of the drinks marketing ideas that we have on the list that will absolutely allow your brand to stand out from the rest.

Coasters with Logo

Coasters with Logo

As a bottle glorifier, it would definitely light up bottles of liquor to make them really enticing to customers. This would surely be a great addition to pubs and trade shows where you need to really level up your branding.

As you can see, they can be branded with logos, and they can be used for different industries too. As shown in the picture above, not only are they brilliant ideas for marketing drinks, but they can also be designed for automotive brands.


Wrapping It Up…

Light-up drink coasters are undoubtedly a perfect marketing tool in different industries. If you want to create an illuminating impact with your brand, we suggest these custom drink coasters. What are you waiting for? Quote, product code, ODM-3535  in reaching out to our team.

Our in-house design team Mindsparkz creates premium quality designs and works closely with our merchandisers’ team to couple low-cost sourcing with expert manufacturing solutions. You can view a lot of the merchandising items we have made for an array of companies previously on our website. Contact the ODM Group for more information on such products. We would love to hear from you!


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