Paco Rabanne’s LED promotional display doesn’t just capture shoppers’ attention, it maintains it. The display is sleek, simple and links closely to Rabanne’s brand identity. Lightweight and energy efficient, LED technology is a fantastic match for promotional displays. Read on to see how Rabanne uses LED to take their display to the next level:

Promotional LED Display

LED Promotional Display

What we love about this LED Promotional Display

Quality materials: Plastic is cost effective and easily customizable. As such, it makes sense to construct the majority of a display from this. However, accents of high-quality materials like steel and glass are present in the forefront of this display. These premium materials elevate the perceived value of Rabanne’s display. This is especially worthwhile for luxury fashion and beauty product brands.

Industrial look: Rabanne’s display is made from plastic yet also features metal and glass. This gives the LED promotional display its industrial feel. What’s more, the large metal spokes behind the perfume bottles even resemble security/ prison bars.

Cost-effective: As we’ve learned, while LED signs are not cheap to purchase, they can easily be reloaded with new graphics and used in future promotions. In the long-run, this is more cost effective than continuing to print large banners time and time again.

Reusable: Paco Rabanne’s entire display is on-brand enough that it can be reused multiple times. When investing in a promotional display which includes premium materials, it is important to ensure that the design is neutral and timeless enough to be reused for future promotions.

For example, Paco Rabanne can simply remove the bars and change the LED POS display to create a brand new look. Likewise, introducing new elements – perhaps a colorful backing to the shelves – creates the impression of a fresh new display without the related costs.

What could Paco Rabanne improve?

The black display looks great with Rabanne’s maroon and blue product packaging. In saying this, more attention should be bought to the products themselves. A lot of attention has been bought to the Paco Rabanne brand, which is great. However, the perfume bottles do not stand out as much due to the bright LED signage commanding attention. I would suggest placing the strip of lights below the products to illuminate the items. This draws the eye onto the products as well as promoting the brand.

LED Screens: How do they work?

LED is an acronym for light emitting diodes. These screens shine light from behind a screen, illuminating pixels to create an image. In contrast, LCD screens use fluorescent tubes to project light onto pixels, adding weight and thickness.

LED screens are very energy efficient and far thinner than older screens.

While Paco opts for a clean, monochromatic look, LED screens produce extremely vivid pictures and far more colors than LCD screens.

Here’s a video of the display in action: LED Promotional Display


Paco Rabanne’s display isn’t just unique – it’s on brand too:

Paco Rabanne is most known for his ‘1 Million’ eau de toilette. The iconic bottle is in the shape of a gold bullion. Clearly, Paco understands the value of unique branding.

The Spanish born fashion designer made a name for himself with bold designs which use metal, paper, and plastic. Paco was a major influence on the ‘metal couture’ movement. This LED promotional display makes clear links to Paco’s famous designs and stark, industrial aesthetic.

Promotional LED Display

LED Promotional Display

This perfume display builds brand recognition and identity by linking to Paco’s design style. An irrelevant or poorly thought of display can dilute a brand’s image. As such, it is important for all promotional displays to be well thought out and brand specific.

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