Juicy Couture started in store campaign for its line of perfumes as well as a part of the promotional activities related to the launch of a new fragrance – Hollywood Royal. The campaign aims to stimulate sales for Juice Perfumes as well as rise the awareness of the new product.

As the brand offers a very “girly” merchandise and promotes itself alike, this in store display was designed accordingly. Styled similar way as the product with use of pink color makes the display to stand out. Especially considering that surroundings of the shop are using neutral colors like beige, white and black. Pink provides that distinct pop of color that certainly is going to be noticed, especially by its target group – young women.

In Store Display for Juicy Couture perfumes

In Store Display for Juicy Couture perfumes

How can a in store display benefit this promotional campaign?

In store display provides a perfect background to accentuate the product’s best features. Therefore rising initial interest towards the display as well as to the product. Can also be used to communicate brand’s personality through design making it easier for the customer to identify themselves with the brand.

Juicy Couture’s in store promotional campaign was meant to rise an overall brand awareness for its line of fragrances. The in store display made it possible and brought even more benefits – high brand and logo exposure, positive brand associations and helped to distinguish the product from its competitors’ offerings.

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