Have you ever walked into a store and bought a product simply because of how the stand caught your attention? Sometimes, you see it from outside the store and change your entire trajectory because it has piqued your interest and made you curious. This is what a great perfume marketing display can do for you.

Since the launch of Gucci’s bloom in 2017, Gucci has found innovative and creative ways to promote this fragrance and one of the ways it has been able to do that is through the use of Perfume marketing displays. 

To augment their promotion, they are not only offering a 15% discount on $150 purchase on select items, they have also used a floral themed POS display, a counter display that holds the bottles and perfume test strips. 

Perfume Marketing Display

Perfume Marketing Display

3 Reasons why their perfume marketing display is making waves. 

  • Attractiveness: As the name implies, when you think of Bloom, your mind instantly goes to flowers, sunshine, warm breeze, and everything sweet. This is what Gucci has been able to achieve with the floral themed POS Display. Through the power of imagination, on seeing the flower design on the display, it almost feels like you can perceive the fragrance and you are instantly drawn to it because not only is it obvious, it is pretty. This is the kind of pull that draws people in and before you know it, they’re leaving the store with one or two bottles that they bought on impulse. This is why you need an appealing design.  
Perfume Marketing Display

Perfume Marketing Display

  • Appeal: Sensory marketing is a great way to build an emotional connection with your customers. By appealing to their senses, you would be able to influence their purchase decisions and buying behaviour. This is where the test strips come in. With perfume display marketing, there is the opportunity to test the product that you might potentially buy. The way the counter display is arranged, the perfume is in the limelight and the test strips are obvious to see. It is almost as if it is calling you and saying ‘Just try me out’.  70% of customers who test the perfume and love the scent are likely to buy it before leaving the store. 


  • Visibility: We cannot overemphasize the importance of POS displays and why they are beneficial in promoting your brand’s sales. On walking into any store, there are always so many shelves and products vying for your attention. A good way to stand out would be the use of POS displays as its somewhat separated from the rest and is very easy to notice. 
Perfume Marketing Display

Perfume Marketing Display (discount)

  • Availability: The 15% discount on purchase orders up to $150 is genius because it will encourage people to buy more than they bargained for. Even better than this discount is the availability of information as this is clearly seen on the branded counter display next to the perfume bottles.
Perfume Marketing Display

Perfume Marketing Display

In summary,

Perfume marketing displays aren’t only aesthetically pleasing, they have been overtime proven to boost sales and influence consumer purchasing behavior. Here at ODM, we have people who can design innovative custom counter displays that are guaranteed to represent your brand in ways you never could have imagined. Let’s take your business to the next level.



We can help you design and manufacture showstopping perfume retail displays, be it through the use of POS displays that are very on-brand or custom counter displays. We can also help with your perfume packaging and promotion. Contact us now.


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