This premium perfume retail display by international fragrance company Viktor&Rolf invites shoppers to become immersed in their new Magic Collection. This high-end brand has mastered their marketing techniques with endless features. It captures the eye of any onlooking shopper. It not only exhibits the perfume bottles, it heightens each scent by adding an arrangement of colours presenting an artistic flair to the display.


Perfume Display

Perfume Display

Why We Love This Perfume Retail Display

  • Original: Part of the display shows floral cutoffs such as lavender and rose in glass bottles. Light shines from the bottom of each bottle creating a stunning mystical radiance. As a result, it intrigues customers and gives them a sense of this collection being ‘magic’. This perfume POS display is different from other perfume displays which just show off the bottles.
  • Interactive: Brand cards allow customers to test each scent on their respective card to decide which one they like best. Fragrance cards are a smart marketing tool because interested customers can take them home. Further, it will be a constant reminder to buy the product. Viktor&Rolf’s interactive POS fragrance display can inspire any company to add something unique to their own displays.
  • Coordinated: While there are a number of different features as a part of this branded retail display, it isn’t overwhelming as all colours and patterns are coordinated and effortless. The design has been perfected to a tee. Viktor&Rolf have thought of everything with this incredible display of their Magic Collection.


Perfume Display

Perfume Display


This is not the first time Viktor&Rolf wowed their clients with such fine perfume display and packaging. Last time, the brand set up a gift-wrapping station for their Christmas promotions.  Check it out here:


Custom Packaging – The Right Choice For Your Brand

Investing in custom retail packaging markets your brand in the way you want. The bottles from this collection have a timeless and sleek design. With custom packaging, you can choose a style which harmonises with the rest of your brand. In other words, you will be creating a strong brand image. The customised products such as the tester cards act as a marketing tool for buyers to remember your brand.

The product you want to create may be not exciting by itself, for example, a perfume bottle. However, with customised packaging you can make your brand display exciting.


Perfume Display

Perfume Display


For any customising needs, ODM are here to listen. Custom packaging, like these bottles, are a great way for your brand to stand out. We have an experienced and professional team who can help you bring your brand visions to life.


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