Have a look at this acrylic perfume display stand for Ralph Lauren. It was created for the advertising campaign for their perfume Woman. These types of pos display units are sleek and stylish. It exudes elegance and class. That really shows the best of what personalized promotional products can bring to your marketing strategy.

The chic design matches the visual aspect of the brand. Colors are neutral: light browns, creams, gold, and beige. This helps to the ever so calming image. The perfume is aimed at chic and modern woman. Above all, the picture shows a city woman and the Eiffel tower. It helps reinforce the feeling of chic. This display will surely attract high-end customers, just like this very classy wine packaging solution!


Sleek Perfume Display Stand for Ralph Lauren's Advertising Campaign

Sleek Perfume Display Stand for Ralph Lauren’s Advertising Campaign

Why we love this promotional perfume display stand:

  • A larger than the life-size replica of the bottle lets the clients see the beauty of the product in all its glory. It also allows people to feel what the product is like. This allows for a more sensory shopping experience. Real-time experience will let a strong effect on the client’s mind. In time, they will surely buy more of your product, and you will increase your sales.
  • It has a unique beige wall. The fact that this display is big and enormous will draw the customers attention towards it.
  • The chair on the far right coupled with the neutral colors. The image is certainly calm and relaxing. The great design is minimalist but stays nice to look at.
  • Finally, the gold embossment adds to the grandeur and luxury feel of the display. It induces impulsive buying by attracting the customer. It also accentuates the bold features of the product.  This embodies the quintessential grandeur nature of Ralph Lauren. In time, the effect will be to reinforce the brand identity but also improve the perception of the brand.

This marketing campaign will definitely help you get your marketing strategy and reach your target customer! Add covermount gifts to this marketing strategy and improve even more your sales!

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