Wine products frequently target high-end customers. That is why it is necessary to use premium quality packaging that suits the taste of your market. We have written a number of blogs about custom packaging for wine bottles, but these ones from Le Loup Dans La Bergerie and Las Gravieres are truly different from the usual wine packaging solution we see in supermarkets. This is because they are made of craft paper!

Unique Wine Packaging Solution Winning High End Customers

Unique Wine Packaging Solution Winning High End Customers

What Makes this Unique Wine Packaging Solution Perfect for Promotions?

  • High End Look: Dark color craft paper gives off an elegant look, which helped enhance the appearance of the products. The packaging made the products ideal for corporate parties, trade shows as well as contest prize. The simple design and color lend a modern and high-end feel to the product.


  • Inexpensive to Produce: This is an economical packaging option for small and large wine companies alike. It is made from paper craft material which is very easy to source and customize.


  • Customizability: Aside from its economical value, we love how this packaging allows marketers to design the paper bags based on your branding needs. They can be customized to attract more clients and customers. Because it is paper, marketers can easily print their logo or brand name across the paper bag to make it more visually appealing. This will help the brand stand out more easily.


  • Nice Design: The packaging is sturdy enough to carry two bottles of wine. Furthermore, the design makes it nice to carry. The cut outs also allow customers to see what’s inside, thereby gaining your brand the exposure it needs.

If you’re considering adopting this idea for your own promotions, and you want to be more edgy, consider using unique designs to make a solid impression on your customers. Check out this blog from our archive:

You can find inspiration from these awesome paper shaped handbags and modify them to suit your marketing and branding requirements.

Why Use this Unique Wine Packaging Solution?

  • Brand Awareness: Since the packaging is the first thing people will notice about your product, a unique product packaging can help your brand gain plenty of attention from shoppers and passers. This will greatly impact your visibility within the four corners of the shopping store as well as on the streets.
  • Eco-Friendly and Practical: Paper is an eco-friendly packaging option. Marketers may choose to use high quality recycled crafting paper to help the environment.

We absolutely love this wine packaging idea, and if you want to create something similar to this one, contact ODM. Our Mindsparkz team will help create high quality and meaningful designs. Aside from packaging, we can also help with custom promotional merchandise and POS display units.

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