World Post Day falls on 8th October and it is the perfect opportunity to purchase these paper clips! Easily customisable, you can even place your brand logo on the clip. Paper clips are small and never thought to be used as a promotional item. It is a common office item that tends to look ordinary, but if used and designed efficiently, it might be your perfect marketing product! Engage the right designers and manufacturers, it will be no problem spicing this simple stationary to help you boost brand recognition and brand awareness.

World Post Day

World Post Day


This is an example of a fully customizable promotional product. This product is available in any shape, colour and size. Most importantly,  you can design a shape that matches your brand’s logo. In this article, we will explain why we love this paper clip and know it will be perfect for your brand!

Make Custom Paper Clips In The Shape of Your Logo

Make Custom Paper Clips In The Shape of Your Logo

Cheap paperclips can break easily, since it is not made of quality materials. Quality is key because it leads to upscale branding. This merchandise design is durable since it’s made from good quality materials. The paperclip edges are smoothened to reduce injury. Another option is using paper clip bookmarks for your next promotional product.

Make Custom Paper Clips In The Shape of Your Logo

Make Custom Paper Clips In The Shape of Your Logo


Why we suggest custom paper clips for your next brand promotion!

  • Additional Customers: This idea can be used as a gift with purchase or on-pack promotion with other office supplies. You’ll leave a lasting impression on customers with this marketing giveaway. Its diversity will attract the consumer while shopping; easily giving your product the competitive edge.
  • Enhances Brand Visibility: Branded paper clips increase your brand awareness especially when it’s shaped as your brands’ logo. When someone uses your branded giveaway, they’ll always be exposed to your logo. This is a subtle way to continually advertise your brand without having to release multiple promo campaigns.
  • Customer Retention: Similarly, we use paper clips every day at the workplace, school and home. So customers see your brand logo every time they use the item. This is how to improve customers’ retention and brand remembrance in an effective yet affordable way.

Make Custom Paper Clip In The Shape of Your Logo

Overall, these custom paper clips bring significant marketing potential. This could be your brand’s next powerful promotional item.

How can ODM help?

Should you want to know more about these paper clips, feel free to contact the ODM team and enquire on the product code: ODM-1317.

Enquire @ ODM for more ways and explanation on how you can vastly improve your business. Our product designers will be able to provide you with multiple unique and interesting ideas for you to wow your audience and increase brand recognition. The specialists here are capable of assisting you throughout every process to ensure a pleasant experience. Contact ODM now!


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Why are paper clips make great promotional items?

Paper clips are very useful items that are common in schools and offices. They are also very cheap to produce. It can also be customised to whatever you like or find appealing.

What are some properties a good paper clip should have?

The paper clip should not be of poor quality., to avoid it being easily broken. Paper clips are usually made of steel and the clip should be stiff enough to hold its shape. The metal should be smoothened to avoid injuries

What are other alternatives to paper clips?

Some alternatives can be binder clips, paper fasteners or side binders. Feel free to contact the ODM team and we can assist you.