Merchandise Design is what makes our staff really tick.  Messaging app Line‘s colorful collection of retail merchandise inside a 7-11 store in Hong Kong are worth checking out! The merchandise display is well-thought-out and unique. Pastel colored cookware were showcased on a gondola shelving complete with colorful and attention-grabbing promotional shelf talkers.

Look! LINE Captured HK Market with Awesome App Merchandise Design-

Look! LINE Captured HK Market with Awesome App Merchandise Design-

The creative use of the end of the gondola shelving framed the products perfectly and highlighted the brand. It’s smart and space-saving since the convenience store has limited space.

We found that Line and Le Creuset, makers of silicone cookware and kitchenware, collaborated for this project in their recent marketing stint in Hong Kong. The cute silicone kitchenware features LINE Friends characters, and were very popular among the young ones and young-at-heart.

Here are some of the in-store app merchandise from Line and Le Creuset:

  • custom drinking cups with mini Line Friends toppers
  • customized spoon and fork
  • round and flower shaped bamboo candy box
  • glass set with cover
  • custom shape tray

What We Love About the Merchandise Design

  • Durability Means Longer Exposure: The products are made from silicone, which is tough, safe, and slip resistant. Branded products that are durable, practical, and high quality boost brand presence as customers will likely to use them for longer.
  • Beautiful Designs Captivate Customers: Unique designs are key to impressing customers and holding their attention. Because such items are worth collecting, they can also serve as decorative pieces in kitchen and dining areas. What this means for the brand is prolonged customer engagement.
  • Use of Line Friends Toppers Further Improves Recall: The tumblers and spoon and fork have mini toppers as decor. If you like to create fun colorful toppers for kitchenware, pens, or pencils, our Mindsparkz product design team is here to help. Here’s a collection of toppers that might interest you:

These stationery promo ideas are just perfect for back-to-school promos and a great way to make brand a part of your customers’ everyday life.

This one is a pencil topper in the shape of Minions from Despicable Me movie.

Do You Need Help with Your Merchandise Design?

We have in-house designers that can make your artistic visions come to life. If you have designs on mind, you can send it over to us and our Mindsparkz team will transform your rough draft into 2D or 3D sketch. Once you have approved of the final design, we can start sourcing factories that can help us in the manufacturing process.

The ODM Group is stationed in China, the largest production hub in Asia. This means we can assure you that we will be working closely with manufacturers and suppliers from start to finish. In short, you can rely on us for all your promotional product needs. Get in touch with our team today!

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