Oreo and LINE teamed up to give their customers this cute custom printed zip bag. The zip bag is A4 in size, so it is perfect for school and office use. This practical on-pack gift offer is an example of an effective promotional gift for the snacks industry.

Custom Printed Zip Bag

Custom Printed Zip Bag

How can customers obtain this gift? Buy a 2-in-1 pack of Oreo to get this limited-edition plastic zip lock bag.

Custom Printed Zip Bag

Custom Printed Zip Bag

The zip lock bag features all LINE friends namely Moon, Cony, Brown, James, Boss, Choco, Leonard, Pangyo, Jessica, Sally, and Edward. Kids and parents alike will surely love this cute and practical on-pack offer.

But why is offering a custom printed zip bag a good marketing idea?


Oreo x LINE Custom Printed Zip Bag: Why it is a Great On-Pack Idea

Design Appeal: People are visual creatures. We love beautiful things. As such, we are certain customers will like this colorful on-pack gift from LINE and Oreo. Moreover, it is just the right size for documents.

Practical Value: Where can you use this A4 plastic zip bag? You can use it at home for keeping bills, school, office and even for when you travel. This can keep any item from receipts to documents, to grooming items. The possibility is endless. Therefore, the gift’s practical value will give customers a good reason to buy Oreo.

Custom Printed Zip Bag

Custom Printed Zip Bag

Waterproof: Being waterproof means whatever you put inside the bag will stay dry no matter what. As such, customers can use them to keep toiletries such as small bottles of shampoo or body wash when they travel. Even if the content spills, it will not seep through the bag.

More Value for Money: Incentivizing customers with something they can use long-term is a surefire way to encourage them to buy your products. Customers want more bang for their buck as prices of products increase. Therefore, what LINE and Oreo did allowed customers to get more out of their purchase.

Stand Out on the Shelf: Have you ever found yourself buying something instantly just because it stood out to you? Have you bought something in a whim just because you want to obtain the on-pack gift that comes with it? That is the power of offering free gifts to your customers. Shoppers are naturally drawn to products that would give them more value for their money.


What Did We Learn From this Example?

Oreo and LINE both benefited from this simple marketing scheme. By offering a freebie, they increased customer engagement and ultimately pump up impulse purchases right at the point of sale. And this is not just a gift, but it is a unique and appealing item that kids and adults alike can use. As this is a limited-edition product, LINE users and Oreo fans will surely appreciate the thought.


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