Oreo never fails to delight the kid in me. I bought this on-pack gift set by Oreo because their cute custom money box set got me curious. The set includes 2 Oreo slugs per pack, a tumbler shape coin bank, and a tic-tac-toe game printed on the box.

Custom Money Box

Custom Money Box

Manufactured by Mondelez, Our favorite vanilla-filled choco cookie is offering this custom money gift box for a limited time only!


Why I Love Oreo’s Custom Money Box Set?

Design Appeal: The custom money box set is definitely appealing to customers, especially young ones. Kids can customize it by writing their name on the coin bank and what they are saving up for. There are also four available designs to choose from.

Custom Money Box

Custom Money Box

Fun and Engaging Packaging: We also found a tic-tac-toe board printed on the packaging. The mechanics: twist one Oreo cookie and use them as game chips. The first one to complete 3 straight lines will win! This is very engaging and adds a fun twist to our favorite snack. Even after the cookies have been consumed, kids can still play with the box.

Practical Value: The custom money bank adds value to customers’ purchases. Practical items are always appreciated.

Positive Message: We love how the money box helps instill in kids the value of saving money. If you take a look at the coin bank, you will see that there is a space for them to write what they are saving up for. For parents, this is the kind of kids’ promotional product that they would be glad to receive from the brand they support.

Custom Money Box

Custom Money Box


Makes an Excellent Gift: This custom money box set also makes a brilliant Christmas gift. Since there are only a few days left before Christmas, shoppers are very busy looking for gifts to offer their loved ones. However, they may be too busy to actually browse through rows and rows of displays. As such a gift box like this will save them time looking for wholesome and fun Christmas presents for kids. Because the products are already encased in a gift box, parents would only need a gift wrapper!


Aside from the Money Bank, We Also Love The Custom Product Packaging!

The first thing that caught our attention is the Tic Tac Toe on the retail packaging. It was, indeed, a clever strategy! Moreover, the cutout customers to see the design of the coin bank, so they can choose which gift set to pick.

Custom Money Box

Custom Money Box


Oreo’s packaging kind of reminded me of Snickers’ current promotion, wherein their on-pack gift box can be transformed into a table game. Take a look at this ingenious food packaging idea:


It seems like many snack brands are tapping the power of on-pack promotions to boost their marketing strategy. In this example, instead of board games, the following chocolate brands are offering custom advent calendars printed on their packaging.


Here is another fine example of a great product packaging idea. This one from Milo encourages kids to make cardboard toys out of a Milo box. It is definitely a fun and engaging idea because it inspires kids to be resourceful and creative.


Bringing it All Together

With so many snack brands competing for shelf space, attention from customers, and sales, on-pack gift promotion is a surefire way to gain new customers and boost retention. When it comes to your gifts, it is important to consider these factors: functionality, brand message, design appeal, and packaging. These elements are critical in creating appealing on-pack promos that customers will love.

Oreo did a great job making their custom money gift set appealing to their target audience: kids and parents. Once again, they proved that they do not only make delicious chocolate cookies, but they also produce cool gift items that everyone enjoys and loves!


Where Does ODM Come In?

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