In the FMCG industry, having a unique product packaging that stands out is what will draw customers to your brand. Recently, the ODM Group found a food product packaging by Mars for Snickers Chocolate which we thought was interesting to share! Not only is the on-pack promotion noteworthy, but it was the ingenious product packaging that blew our minds away. Read on to find out more!

What Is This Snickers Promotion

As the picture shows, this Snickers box is actually a table game for 2-4 players! The Chinese words at the front of the box reads “趣味 手指足球” (read: qù wèi shǒu zhǐ zú qiú), translating to “Enjoyable Finger Football”.

When opened up, it comes with a set of 4 finger shoes, one ball and two goalposts. Furthermore, the box can be opened flat to reveal a small soccer field! We love how this food product packaging is interactive and comes with everything you’ll need to play a table game.

As the words at the front of the packaging says, “好吃又好玩”  (read: hǎo chī yòu hǎo wán), translating to “Tasty and Fun”, it is definitely a tasty and fun promotion to enjoy!

What is Custom Food Product Packaging?

Custom food product packaging is a kind of box packaging that is made to reflect the vision of your company. It is the face of the product that your customers will see and is meant to fit the product perfectly. A custom-designed packaging will be able to sell and protect your product better than the standard packaging we see on most products.

Often, the packaging needs to go through various design and engineering processes to come up with a custom packaging that best fits your vision. It generally takes a lot more time, effort, and money to create a custom packaging.

What are the Benefits of Custom Product Packaging?

Design Flexibility

Being able to customize your own product packaging means that you can tailor the packaging to suit your needs. Be it for better product protection, promotions, or highlighting the uniqueness of your product, custom product packaging is certainly a practical and ideal form of advertising and marketing.

Increase in Sales

With Custom packaging, you are able to create a better customer experience that can result in a direct increase in sales. An interesting customer experience will be able to evoke interest and pique customers’ curiosity. This will compel them to make impulse buys, or even make return purchases. A unique product packaging will also stand out from its competitors, which will attract attention and boost sales.

Increase Brand Value

The presentation of a product is what customers will see first thing. In this day, where distinctiveness and aesthetics matter, people are on the lookout for brands with something special to their name. Your custom product packaging can definitely strengthen your brand value through the emotional connections established. This will ensure long term success for your company.

Why we love this Snickers Product Packaging

With the ongoing pandemic putting a hold on most festivities, including the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, most of us will only be able to celebrate with our immediate family. This promotion is a wonderful way of still making holidays fun and exciting. After a festive dinner, the family can simply gather in the living room, open up this box of tasty treats to snack on and play!

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