We have spotted these cardboard product displays in Malaysia. There were POS stands for chocolate products as well as beauty products. The vibrant colors and eye-catching designs were very noticeable.

The cardboard product displays were designed exclusively for global products such as M&M’s, Ferrero, KitKat, Nestle Crunch, and Garnier. The displays got our attention straight away, thanks to their vivid colors and bold designs. The fun factor associated with each POS display has also made them all really visually appetizing, which is especially useful in the chocolate industry.

Chocolates and beauty products are among the best-selling items within the retail environment. This is why merchandisers really pay attention to how they present their goods.

Here are some of our favorite cardboard POS displays from Malaysia and what makes them a good marketing display choice:


Nestle Krunch

For this cardboard product display, Nestle wafer shark was used as the main design. It was a three-tiered POS display that features its Nestle Crunch Nuts. The blue and yellow combination is definitely an eye-catcher. In addition, it was placed along the end of the display aisle and strategically close to the checkout counter, so customers are primed to make additional purchases before they leave.

Cardboard POS Displays

Cardboard POS Displays


Kit Kat

We love the simple yet impactful cardboard product display by KitKat. The bright red shelf is noticeable. Each level is branded with their slogan “Have a Break, Have a KitKat.” On the topmost part of the shelf, you can see the bespoke tin packaging for their limited-edition Mickey Mouse Tin Box. We reviewed their customized tin packaging in a previous blog so be sure to read it.

Cardboard POS Displays

Cardboard POS Displays



Ferrero Rocher’s display is a combination of corrugated cardboard and plastic. We love the gold shimmer as it resonates with their product packaging. On top of the display is a large golden bow, showcasing the brand as a premium gift item.


Snickers and M&Ms

Snickers and M&Ms also did a great job showcasing their products. The M&Ms mascots are prominent as if greeting customers. With a familiar happy face welcoming customers, it gives a sense of familiarity that encourages buyers to finally make the purchase.

Cardboard POS Displays

Cardboard POS Displays



Below, you will see an assortment of cardboard floor displays for cosmetic products. Each range of POS store display is designed with their target market in mind. The darker one is aimed for men while the lighter and cheery ones were made for Garnier women products. The use of color to communicate a message is effective in this example.

Cardboard POS Displays

Cardboard POS Displays


Other Unique Pos Display Idea:

Not a cardboard display, but we feel this one also deserves a spot on our list. This tin bucket makes an excellent display idea for Chupa Chups. As this is a bit small, it could have made a stronger impact if it was placed in a table or a stool.

Cardboard POS Displays

Confectionery POS Display- Chupa Chups Tin Bucket


So, are you keen on having cardboard product displays custom-designed for your company? We have listed below the factors to consider when designing and manufacturing cardboard product displays.


Cardboard Product Displays- What To Look Out For?

Custom Designs:

No two cardboard product displays are alike. What we like about cardboard is the ability to be fashioned into many different shapes like our above examples. Being able to showcase your products in a way that reflects your brand gives you a tremendous advantage over your competitors.

Ergonomic Design:

When designing a cardboard POS display, transportation should be kept in mind. This ensures the safety of the goods when they are shipped out for delivery.


What is the load capacity of the cardboard product display? What types of products are you going to display on the shelf? Are there moving parts and are they installed properly?

Are they Space-Saving?

The dimensions of a cardboard retail  store floor display is also an important consideration. If your floor area is small, it is not wise to invest in a bulky display that takes up large floor space. You do not want to make the shop look crowded or restrict the mobility of buyers. Visibility is important but so is the mobility of the shoppers.


Branding your cardboard FSDU or retail display adds a touch of exclusivity and professionalism to your display. In our example, the cardboard displays come in full-color prints. Permanent branding allows them to own the space and therefore create an exclusive zone for their products.

Where Do You Plan to Position The Display?

To make the most out of your display and store space, knowing where to put the display is critical. If you want to have a display that you can place in an open area, you may want to design a 2-sided display to make the products visible to either side.


How ODM Can Help with Your Promotional Needs

ODM is a company that specializes in sourcing, designing, and manufacturing POS displays, custom promotional merchandise, marketing gifts, and product packaging. With the help of our design team, Mindsparkz, we can breathe life into your marketing visions. With years of experience in the promotional product industry, we can help you maximize your marketing budget through low-cost, yet high-quality products custom-designed for your company. What are you waiting for? Send us an email today!


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