How a hangsell display drives impulse buys- 7 Brilliant Examples

What is a hangsell display?

A hangsell display is a type of point of purchase display that hangs products on display for marketing and advertising. They are often used in retail stores, supermarkets, and exhibitions for promotion purposes. Even with its small size, it can hold quite a bit of weight. Hence, they are used to display a variety of products, usually smaller items like gums, candies, chocolates, and even batteries.

Hangsell displays are commonly used by companies to boost sales and are proven to be extremely effective by retailers. In this blog, we would like to share a variety of hangsell displays that we have spotted in Vietnam supermarkets.

Hangsell Display Holders

Hangsell Display


Firstly, we have this unilateral hangsell display from a brand of condiments, Nam Duong. There were also 2 choices of condiments that customers can choose from: Nam Duong’s popular soy sauce and chili sauce.

Hangsell Display


Secondly, we have this hangsell display from Ricola. This hangsell display features 4 different throat drops flavors with different color packaging. This hangsell display is striking and can be easily seen from afar. Thus, it attracts customers to the hangsell display.

If you are keen for more Ricola-related promotions, be sure to check out this Ricola On Pack Packaging GWP that they have offered in their previous promotion.

Hangsell Display Product Holders

Hangsell Display


First and foremost, we have this hangsell retail display from Hello Panda, a renowned Meiji snack. We love this hanging retail display because it maximized shelf space and as you can see, this was spotted hanging on the side panel of another display. The products are displayed on eye-level, making them visible to customers. Because the products are accessible, customers can just easily pick out items that they wish to purchase. Thus, encouraging impulse buys.

Hangsell Display


Here is another great example of hangsell retail display from Snickers. Similar to the display shelf for Hello Panda, this hanging POS display shelf entices customers to grab a Snickers bar while they shop. Furthermore, the shelf can hold many Snicker products at a time. Hence, it does not need to be replenished often.

Speaking of Snickers, we recently come across their awesome food product packaging. It is a packaging and an on-pack gift in one!

Hangsell Display


In addition, there is also a hangsell display shelf for Omachi instant food packets. This Vietnamese instant food brand has a hangsell display shelf away from other instant products, it really stands out from competitors. With many competing brands and their products under the same shelf, customers would be more inclined to take the first product they see. However, with a hangsell retail display separate from its competitors, the products on the display would appeal to customers more.

Hangsell Display Shelves

Hangsell Display


Xylitol’s branded hangsell display also caught our eye. It houses a variety of their products for customers to choose from. This gives customers a chance to select products based on their preferences. Furthermore, this is a great tactic for customers to compare pricing between smaller items and bigger items to determine which gives more value for their money. This is a tactic used often in encouraging purchases as customers love purchasing items that are relatively cheaper in value.

Hangsell Display


Lastly, we have this hangsell display that features eye mask products. We love this display because of its functionality and design. The shelves are custom-sized so that the boxes fit well into the display. Furthermore, it is placed next to its competitor’s products. This allows the products to stand out more as compared to its competitors.

How Does a Hangsell Display Help Your Products to Stand Out?

  • Higher brand visibility

These products are put in a separate area from competitor products. This allows the brand to be more noticeable than other brands. Customers are more likely to look at products from your brand especially when there is an increased brand visibility.

  • Increased brand recognition

Next, there would be increased brand recognition as customers are more likely to spot the display from a distance. With eye-catching colours and displays, it would lure customers to check out your products. This would allow customers to recognise your brand even if they do not wish to purchase your product then and there. However, this may prime them to purchase your products the next time they go shopping.

  • Products are more striking

Lastly, with the products placed on a separate hanging display, they look more striking as compared to others. Despite all products serving the same function, hangsell displays highlights the products and differentiate them from similar items. A such customers are more likely to notice them more.


Hangsell displays are great POP display ideas that can help market your products effectively. They serve as both a display and also storage so that customers can access products easily. Furthermore, they are many benefits of having an effective hangsell display design.

You can check out this blog to find out why hangsell displays are so effective.

How can ODM Group help?

As a promotional marketing agency, we have many years of experience in providing marketing resources that help companies boost their business. We have experience in POS displays, POP displays, in-store displays, and even outdoor advertising displays. If you like this promotional idea, get in touch with our design and merchandising team! We have vast experience in creating artistic and innovative POS displays for venue marketing, in-store promotions, and trade shows.

We will make sure that your hangsell displays are tailored to your requirements.

Looking for new ideas? You may also view our blogs for more interesting ideas on displays or promotional products that can boost your marketing efforts!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What products are normally placed on hangsell displays?

Usually, smaller products would be placed on hangsell displays. Such products must be light enough to be placed on the displays. Some examples would include sweets, chocolates and snacks.

What's the difference between a hangsell display and a POS display?

Hangsell displays are boards that hang products for sale for promotion purposes. POS displays are usually placed near or next to a checkout station where a point of sales is made.

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