Chocolate Bar Display Rack: How can we learn from Hershey’s?

There are so many chocolate brands competing for consumers’ attention. Thus, it is important for brands to come up with a strong marketing strategy such as using end-cap displayspromotional shelf talkerscustomized packaging and POS displays . Today, we will be sharing this Hershey’s chocolate bar display rack that our interns came across at NTUC supermarket in Singapore.

Chocolate Bar Display Rack

Chocolate Bar Display Rack

What Can We Learn From Hershey’s Chocolate Bar Display Rack?

Hershey’s created this chocolate bar display rack to advertise the launch of their limited edition chocolate bar.


The pastel colours used by Hershey’s matches the packaging of their limited edition chocolate bars thus highlighting the new flavours on offer- strawberries, mint, sprinkles. In addition, with Christmas coming, the new packaging makes it ideal for a gift.


Hershey’s free standing display unit was placed near the entrance of the candy aisle, which helps boost foot traffic. This helps to pique the interest of customers walking by and encourage impulse purchases! Additionally, the POS display is decorated with images of the Hershey’s chocolate bar making it perfect to attract loyal customers of the brand as well.

Chocolate Bar Display Rack

Chocolate Bar Display Rack


The Hershey’s Chocolate Bar Display  Rack is made out of corrugated cardboard, making it great for short promotional runs like this limited edition chocolate bar. It is both affordable, easily customisable, and sturdy. The lightweight material also makes it ideal to move around the store to help improve foot traffic.

Chocolate Bar Display Rack

Chocolate Bar Display Rack

Shelf Wobbler

The Hershey’s Chocolate Bar Display Rack includes a shelf wobbler also known as a shelf talker. It is stuck onto the display and it helps to attract consumer’s attention while providing additional information about the product. A wobbler is great for giving products an edge for competitors on the same shelf or on a display.

Chocolate Bar Display Rack

Chocolate Bar Display Rack

Our Takeaways

Looking at how Hershey’s chocolate bar display rack helps boost sales for their limited-edition products, with the right display a POS display can be beneficial for your brand too! Done right, a well-planned marketing campaign can get your brand noticed by your audience, making the best out of your marketing budget. So, why not jump into the bandwagon, and have a branded cardboard POS display for your next project!


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