What could be better than developing a full-customized packaging to reach properly sales goals? Some companies as Kit Kat and Daiana have launched customized tin packaging in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Let’s discover why it gives brand distinction.


Customized tin packaging Daiana

Daiana’s packaging comes in gold finish with embossed design featuring KLCC Twin Tower. According to their website, they source their ingredients from different countries around the world. Featuring Kuala Lumpur City Center is also a great way to promote the city and invite more tourists.

Below are packaging designs for Kit Kat. They teamed up with Disney for a Mickey Mouse-themed confectionery packaging. The tin packaging comes in the shape of Mickey’s head and the colors are vibrant. Embossed designs provide excellent texture and quality.


Customized tin packaging

Why customized tin packaging create value?

Countless techniques are used by companies to reach the market leader position. There are actually few and far that allows companies to certainly achieve this objective. The custom tin packaging holding an assortment of products is one of those. The aim of this technique is to propose a high-quality full-customized container.


Example of Kit Kat Customized tin packaging

Custom promotional merchandise or custom retail packaging in general, produces a real and measurable difference among competitors. Moreover, it surely pays off during special events like Christmas, Easter and other holidays. Consumers would be more tempted to buy a product in beautiful customized tin packaging to offer it as a gift during those special events. It adds value for consumers as the tin seems to be high quality and the opportunity to customize it makes the product very attractive. It surely gives brand distinction! Using a Customized POP display would also increase the sales likelihood.


Customized tin packaging

Customized tin packaging Daiana


Which features allow creating a masterpiece customized tin packaging?

  1. The first feature that would allow you to create a masterpiece is the use of embossed or debossed design. It gives the aspect of a high-quality container, and it is very visual appeal. If you want to learn more about this technique, check this blog out:


2. The other important feature is the branding on each container. It is essential to produce a tin with a good branding; it will surely boost the corporate image, the exposure and the brand recognition.

3. High definition custom graphics; the key to success. Designers have to develop a splendid graphic design so the campaign will reach the expected outcomes.

4. Then, give to consumers the opportunity to completely customize the container. Offer them the choice between different sizes, different shapes, different print and also to include something personal such as “From ….., to ……”. Consumers love customize products in order to create their own special one.

5. Finally, create the container using a special varnish such as a glossy finish or a matte one. You can also offer gold, silver, or bronze colors for a more high-end feel.


Customized tin packagings are a safe bet to create good sales performance. However, it is extremely important to develop the right container that would draw the attention of consumers.

Want to launch your own customized tin packaging for your most popular product? Feel free to contact our team. Our passionate designers would be delighted to develop your request to a masterpiece design.


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