Remy Cointreau packaging is a good example of a classy cognac packaging design. The design looks very appealing and high-end.

Customized Cognac Packaging Design by Remy Cointreau

Customized Cognac Packaging Design by Remy Cointreau

Why we like this cognac packaging design?

  • Unique design– Remy Cointreau’s packaging is made from wood. It has a high-end design, thus it attracts high-end customers. In addition, there are some mini wine barrels on the Cognac’s packaging. It’s a great addition since it shows that it’s made from fermented grapes.
Customized Cognac Packaging Design by Remy Cointreau

Customized Cognac Packaging Design by Remy Cointreau

  • Eco-friendly – Environment-friendly packaging is trending nowadays. Not only will the reusable packaging benefit your business and customers; it will also help the environment. Remy Cointreu’s packaging is made of wood and can be reused as a decorative piece after the cognac has been consumed.
  • Protection– The packaging design is durable and provides extra protection for the Cognac glass bottle. This will not break easily so the bottles are safe when you travel.

Why is custom packaging design so important?

Customized Cognac Packaging Design by Remy Cointreau

Customized Cognac Packaging Design by Remy Cointreau

  • Define product’s identity – Your packaging design defines your brand. A well-designed product packaging can encourage customers to choose your brand over others.
  • Grab customers’ attention – Most of the customer purchase based on the product’s packaging. The first impression is important. Using a custom packaging design can help your brand stand out from other brands.
  • Shareable Everyone likes a product with a good packaging design. Product packaging can be a topic of conversation among customers’ family, friend, or people around them. Also, some people love to take pictures of products with unique packaging and share them on social media. This further enhances in-store and online presence of the brand.

Your packaging allows you to make a good impression on customers so work hard on it. Do you need a high quality cognac packaging? Our Mindsparkz team can help you out. We have a team of product designers to help you with custom retail packaging and brand packaging design.

Here are some examples of drinks brands that successfully pulled off their promotions with unique custom packaging design:

Using Russian Nesting Dolls, French Brand Tsarine creates a creative iconic packaging idea. It helps to stand out from the shelve!

This blog explains about how custom packaging influence customer purchase. It also talks about what kind of custom packaging can be used for business.

Here at ODM, we can help you design and manufacture custom packaging, custom promotional merchandise, POS Displays units and more. Feel free to contact us.

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One of the special packaging designs which can carry two bottles of wine at the same. It is also eco-friendly as the packaging is made from craft paper. Different packaging materials make customers want to know more about the product itself.

Wooden design makes people recall wine barrels that is why Jacob’s Creek’s packaging is an excellent brand recall strategy. Sturdy packaging makes customers feel they can trust the brand.

Instead of the usual box and cosmetic bag, Gentlemen’s Grooming Society used a tin treasure chest to showcase their grooming products.

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