Tsarine, a French champagne brand inspired by the Russian empire, came up with an iconic wine packaging idea to spice up their usual pack.

Iconic Wine Packaging Idea by Tsarine

Iconic Wine Packaging Idea by Tsarine

The Russian Wooden Doll package perfectly encapsulates every champagne bottle. These objects are famously known as Matryoshka or Babushka – a set of 7 stacking dolls that decrease in size to fit each other.

Wooden toys are trendy not just in Russia but also in the rest of the world. With Tsarine’s creativity, innovating an iconic item and turning it into something fascinating and classy is never a problem. Tourists and locals alike purchase these dolls as souvenirs, home decors, gifts, etc.

Standard marketing tactics and big-scale promotions may always work, but using interesting packaging can also affect your brand’s presence. This concept, to be specific, is something out of the ordinary. Thus, this type of packaging can captivate customers.

Iconic Wine Packaging Idea by Tsarine

Why We Think Tsarine’s Russian Doll Wine Packaging Idea Is Great

  • Creativity. We’ve never seen other drink brands that Russian doll-like packaging before for promotion, have you? These will stand out from the shelves.
  • Stimulate Sales. Great packaging can lure customers, which can lead to sales increase and brand awareness.
  • High-Quality Decor. This doll wrapping is made of sturdy plastic. Using the package as storage or decor will enhance its saleability. We can also recommend using a more premium material for it, such as an actual wood.

Iconic Wine Packaging Idea by Tsarine

Wine products should always have proper packaging. It will make or break the brand. While the wooden doll concept is promising, however, there are endless possibilities for customising a pack. Here at ODM, we have a lot of experience in delivering high-quality design work to our clients. Why don’t you contact us today to see if there’s an upcoming project we can help you with?

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