Point of Sale (POS) can be used as a marketing tool to attract consumers into purchasing their products. Duty free shops(DFS) in Ireland’s airport have made use of POS to promote Ireland souvenirs sold at these DFS. With the POS to promote what items are sold, people would easily know that Ireland souvenirs are available for sale.

This point of sale consists of a poster board stating what products are being sold, to attract potential clients into getting a closer look at the items. This is also a good marketing technique to attract people who wish to purchase Ireland’s souvenirs, especially to those people who are lazy or do not know where souvenirs are sold at the airport. With this POS, people would go straight to this particular section to look for the kind of souvenirs they wish to buy.

Point of Sales – Ireland Souvenirs at Duty Free Shop

Point of Sales – Ireland Souvenirs at Duty Free Shop

Significance of Point of Sale

Point of Sale can help generate product awareness among customers by displaying the kind of products sold. Customers would then be attracted to purchase these souvenirs beside the POS.

Other Point of Sale Techniques

Point of sale can be used in many ways to promote products sold. Some examples of POS are for the countdown of a new season for The Walking Dead, ice cream cone displays and etc.

The Walking Dead new season’s POS advertisement is very creative and attractive because a countdown using rotting fingers was created. Everyday leading up to the date of release, a finger would be chopped off the hands, counting down the days to the return of the show.

Different kinds of POS are created for different purposes as well as to cater to the different kinds of target audience. The more creative a POS is, the more able the company would be in attracting customers to purchase their products.