The cosmetic industry is highly competitive. With so many brands in the market today, how can you make your brand known? Be creative! The use of a unique, eye-catching makeup POS display is an effective way to raise awareness about your brand and keep up with the competition.

makeup POS display

Clever Marketing Tricks from Benefit Makeup POS Display

The makeup POS display used by Benefit to promote their “They’re Real Mascara” is a good example. Their strategy is simple, yet effective, and you can also use this idea for your own cosmetics promotional campaign.

What You Can Learn From Benefit’s Makeup POS Display

  • Make a Bold Statement: Benefit’s POS display resembles They’re Real Mascara packaging and mascara. The life-size box and mascara are hard to miss and are easily recognizable from afar. This type of POS display gives buyers an idea what their new product looks like, thereby enhancing brand recall.
  • Make Your Product Accessible: The life-size box serves as a shelf for mascaras so buyers can have convenient access to their products. Moreover, it makes arranging the mascara boxes a breeze. The boxes are arranged in a way that the brand name is visible to shoppers.
  • Convince Them With Images: Benefit used a side by side closeup photo of a woman’s eyes before and after applying their mascara to demonstrate how effective their product is. Using a before-after image is a powerful way to show people how your product can vastly improve the quality of their life.
  • Use a Good Location: The makeup POS display is placed where people can easily see it, which helps raise awareness about your product. Moreover, its convenient location allows buyers to check out their product anytime.

If you like this makeup POS display idea, contact ODM today. We can help make your business a success with unique POS display ideas and other promotional products you may need for your project.


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