Promo Display Idea – Instore POS by Hershey’s

Poster display, counter display, LED display, POS display… there are so many. And also Hershey’s decided to use a promo display for their marketing campaign.

Indeed, the largest chocolate manufacturer in North America is trying to increase their sales with in-store POS displays located in supermarkets.

Promo Display Idea – Instore Pos by Hershey’s

Promo Display Idea – Instore Pos by Hershey’s

Standing right at the side of the main aisle, the giant chocolate bar does not waste time into being ignored. Simple, chocolate related design and matched colours, this is how the promo display by Hershey’s presents itself. You can see that it’s not a creative or innovative custom promo display like others, but it is pretty basic with some drawers for the products and a huge chocolate bar on top of it.

Promo Display Idea – Instore Pos by Hershey’s

Promo Display Idea – Instore Pos by Hershey’s

By looking more in detail at the promo display you can see some red billboard sticking out. It’s a “buy 2 to get 1 free promotion”.

Why should you also consider using a promo display like this?

  • Brand exposure: The promo display is not only a POS display, but it also thin and not too hulky to be smartly located at the beginning of the lateral hallway, blocking it for half. Well, it is inevitable to see it from the main aisle, when turning in the lateral corridor and when reaching the main corridor from the lateral one. Also, the brand awareness increases due to the obvious chocolate-looking design and the bar on top of it.
  • Advertising: There is enough space on the promo display surface for advertisement and other promotions. Hershey exploited the available space to advertise the products and added afterwards some red showy promotion billboard. A great use of the display both to advertise brand and products.
  • Raised sales: your profit will inevitably go up. Hershey’s was able to higher brand exposure and awareness, thanks to the POS display and at the same time to combine it with a promo set up to boost sales and customer retention.

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