Darlie adopted an instore POS as marketing display for its most recent campaign. In order to launch and highlight the toothbrush range “Charcoal Gold” series, the brand is placing around custom POS displays.

If you are trying to get a share of market, it is essential to carry out an efficient marketing campaign. Firstly it is necessary to choose the strategy that would suit the best. The sub brand of Colgate, for example, opted for instore advertisement by enhancing product visibility and awareness in supermarkets.

Product Launch: Instore Marketing Display by Darlie

Product Launch: Instore Marketing Display by Darlie

Although we are a bit puzzled about the location of the marketing display, the structure itself is not bad. The space as you all know, it is limited in stores, and its expansion in length instead of width is a good point. The lateral and frontal panel are also appropriately used to advertise. However, what caught our eye is the background grill.

Why do we like this marketing display?

  • Grill: A grill allows an incredible versatility and freedom concerning the arrangement of the products. In case of necessity it can be added a new row, removed another line and given more space to a certain product and so on. It is a benefit that has not to be underestimated. Multinationals like Decathlon apply the same system in their stores.
  • Product range: A custom marketing display is an exhibitor were you have the exclusiveness to show your products. Instead of a small corner of the shelf, a whole instore POS is at your disposition. Beside your best-selling item or certain product line, it would be possible to expand your product range with minor products and complementary items. Please see the photo, they are not all “Charcoal Gold” brushes.
  • Visibility: It is somehow funny and brilliant how this marketing display for toothbrushes ended up in the coffee and milk section. For sure it stands out from the other products and it is a good reminder for the passer-by. On the other hand we would advise to locate it in the correct branch. Because of the custom colour and design it would stand out anyway and be easier for the customer to find.

If you are interested in this display, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with our quality sourcing, designing and manufacturing services necessary to help you in your next promotional campaign.

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