All coffee drinkers know Baileys for sure, but for those not as fortunate, the Irish whiskey is here with a unique instore marketing display.

Baileys is trying to grab consumers attention and convince Duty Free travelers to enjoy one of their bottles of whiskey with an exclusive 3D shaped POS.

Instore Marketing - Custom Display by Baileys

Instore Marketing – Custom Display by Baileys


Baileys Irish Cream is a world well-known whiskey and cream based liqueur. This time for their instore marketing they adopted a custom POS display divided in shelves. On the top, a golden peacock looking statue raising from a shell.

Why is this instore marketing and effective POS display?

  • Distinctiveness: Baileys did not use a cardboard POS display and neither any other standard display, but a custom 3D one. Also the interesting statue stands out for the peculiar shape. Not a bird and not anything else, people will start questioning about it. The stand hardly would pass unnoticed.
  • Raised sales: The colours reminds the product of the Irish brand and the logos are in relevance behind and on the stand in the front, this means a high brand exposure. Its distinctiveness will also catch the eyes of the curious customers passing by. Once attracted to the display, they will give a look to the product range and want to try one.
  • Finer brand resemblance: Instore marketing like this one increases brand value. It is hard not to be attracted to refined and elegant designs. Seeing the colours and logo everyone will recognize the whiskey and if not the brand will be impressed in their mind because of the statue. Art lovers in addition would raise the perceived value further, seeing  “the birth of Venus” reflected in the symbol/statue of their marketing campaign “Awoken by the Spirit of Baileys”.

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