Energizer have recently used small Instore Displays within their marketing campaign. Energizer is doing this often, because it does make so much sense to go for this marketing strategy in stores.

Energizer Advertising Custom InStore Display

Energizer Advertising Custom Instore Display

To use such a custom Instore Display is very smart, as it is eye-catching and everybody will pass it. The bright colors and the unusual width are making this display stand so specific and interesting. Also the price display is very particular and nor as seen as in the everyday life in the supermarkets.

Why do we like Instore Displays?

  • Better Brand Recognition. As a lot of potential consumers, actual consumers and future consumers need to or will pass it in the supermarket they will definitely notice it and will take batteries out there if they need some, because they won’t have to search for them.
  • Increase profits. It is still important where this Instore Displays stands in the supermarket or retail shop, but it will increase the Profit as the consumers don’t need to search for ages for batteries in the supermarket, they would just have them on the way, they are going anyway. 
  • Branding Potential. As consumers just can take out these product from the front at this Instore Display stand there is plenty of space for branding the own logo and marketing campaign motto and logo.

If you are interested in a custom-made In-Store Display, please do not hesitate to contact us. Here at ODM we can assist you with the sourcing, design and manufacturing of any custom-made Instore Displays you may require.

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