Coca Cola recently advertised in their campaign of Instore Marketing with this Unique POS Display. To use POS Displays to gain more attention and brand awareness is a great way to promote your brand and company, but the use of POS Displays in Supermarkets is very common. This means, if you are thinking about a campaign through POS Displays you should think about an unique design which will catch the eyes of more customers.

Coca Cola Instore Marketing with Unique POS Display

Coca Cola Instore Marketing with Unique POS Display

This Unique POS Display is great to catch the attention of the Costumers and to effect current and potential customers to buy a Coca Cola or a different drink of this company. The light bulbs and big lightened bottles are effecting the customers attention and are appear as a big eye-catcher.

We fairly need to say that it is not the best way to put different drinks on the same POS, as the customer get’s convinced by this nice advertising of the POS itself, to buy a coca cola and needs to search for it on the POS Display. We would suggest to advertise the orange juice and the different soft drinks on separate POS Displays, even if this is by the same company.

Why should you think about a Unique POS Display?

  • Fully custom. A custom POS display can be customized to any size, shape or colour to ensure that the promotion is unique and catches the customers attention. But it also ensures that the unique custom POS display upholds the brands core and reputation.
  • Eye-Catcher. Unique POS Displays are great to attract customer’s attention thanks to catching-eyes design and big size of promo stand. An on premise custom made display is a fantastic way to boost sales from the existing customer base, but it is also a great way to introduce potential new customers to the brand.

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