Coca Cola’s Christmas Merchandising display in a shopping store in the Philippines caught our attention. The aisle display is decked in red and white and is in the shape of a Christmas tree. We certainly like the concept as it suits the occasion and is really attention-grabbing.

Merchandising Display

Merchandising Display

Marketing drinks can be challenging. With so many similar products in the market, customers have so many choices now more than ever. As a business owner, you do not want your products to just blend in or fade in the background. You want them to stand out. This is why effective merchandising displays are so important. And Coca Cola did just that!

Here’s why we love Coca Cola’s merchandising display:


  • In this example, Coca Cola took inspiration from popular Christmas symbolisms, making the products relevant to the target market. Red and white are popular Christmas colors, but they are also the brand’s signature color, thus strengthening brand recall.
Merchandising Display

Merchandising Display


  • Customers will spot the POS display straight away because of its bold color, unique design, and product placement. Placing it along the aisle gave the brand an edge over its competitors. This is because it improves their visibility. And the more they see the display, the more they are encouraged to make additional purchases. Furthermore, it is found near the check out counter, priming customers to grab a Coca Cola product before paying.

Great Attention to Details

  • If you take a closer look at the custom POS display, you will see that the dividers are made in the shape of a Coca Cola bottle. These tiny details made the whole ensemble more interesting. In addition, the beams and the large ribbon at the top are also branded to make the display more suitable for Holiday.

Increased Sales

  • Having a merchandising display can help you raise your sales. The way you present your products can have a positive impact on your sales. If customers like what they see, it will inspire trust and encourage them to choose your products over others.

What Can Be Improved?

If you are thinking of customizing your merchandise display, do consider using other marketing tools to augment your promotions. One of the best ways to reinforce your message is through marketing LED displays, freebies such as promotional printed T-shirts and custom drinking cups. There are so many custom promotional merchandise to include in your marketing mix, but to make your brand campaign more impactful, make sure to incorporate products that are practical. This way, you can be sure that customers will use your marketing gifts every day, gaining you daily brand exposure.

To ensure that your promotional campaign will be a success, find a reliable POS display manufacturer. Luckily, at ODM, we can help you with sourcing high quality POS display units, promotional products, and business giveaways at a very affordable price. We work closely with China factories and designers to ensure that your merchandise is tailored to your business. So get in touch with the ODM team today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are in-store displays?

In-store displays are unique presentations in a store to attract shoppers to a certain product.

Why should you go for a POS display?

POS displays are very effective for fast-moving consumer goods. It is a great promotion strategy to attract customers to a certain product. It is a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and visibility and to push for more promotions.

How can I make my POS Display effective?

Your POS display should be well-designed, creative, colourful and eye-catching. You can also involve a theme to make it more interesting. This is so that you will be able to capture shoppers' attention.