POP Displays are useful in helping your products stand out from the crowd. With an increasing interest in setting up point of purchase displays, brands should look for an efficient POP Display Manufacturer to effectively set up their adverts.

Here’s an example of a good POP display by Coca Cola, and reasons why a POP Display is really necessary.


Why We Love Coca Cola’s POP Display

1.LED Lights

The use of light creates contrast that helps your product stand out from other products. Humans tend to notice contrast, we notice these changes to determine objects as well as edges. Research shows that humans are attracted to contrast as compared to brightness. Bright lights on a lowly lit background or dark signs on a bright background are successful at capturing our attention. This is why bright neon signs, which are of higher contrast than the background work well at getting our attention. We love this LED POP display as not only does it catch out attention, but also brings attention to the Coca Cola brand.

POP Display Manufacturer - Coca Cola's LED Back-lit Signage

POP Display Manufacturer – Coca Cola’s LED Back-lit Signage


This blog shows the importance of using LED POP displays to enhance your in-store marketing. Here, we listed the reasons you should be investing in such eye-catching custom retail display.


2. Use of Movement


Quick movements trigger shifts in attention. The more animated a person views an object to be, the faster his/her attention shifts towards the moving object. Many factors affect how much attention people give. These factors include, how fast the object is moving, the displacement of its shifts in position, and whether the motion is automated or not. We love this LED POP Signage by Coca Cola because not only is it attention-grabbing, but also mesmerising and attention-absorbing.


Why POP Displays

POP displays and POS displays not only physically set your product apart frrm other products, but they also make your products more attractive. Innovative POP Displays also differentiate themselves from the dull metal shelves used in retail outlets. There are many advantages to using branded POP displays and here are a few.


With the rise of technology, brands can leverage on digital devices to provide customers with a highly interactive experience. This also builds a strong relationship with consumers and the brand. Digital displays are also highly customisable allowing you to advertise multiple products/promotions. The digitisation of promotions also allows brands to change contents easily without having to change the display.

2. Customisable

There are no limits as to how you can design and set up your POP display. Products can be featured on a slew of displays, from advertising easel displays to even digital displays. There are countless ways you can brand your company, this includes customising the display’s size, colours, and materials. However, this does not mean that the assembly process cannot be simple and affordable.

3. Informative

Custom POP displays are useful in providing details on your product, or the latest promotions, which will be able to satisfy consumer doubts and queries. Examples include current promotions, promotion periods, product benefits. Information displayed can be used to target and attract specific potential buyers.

Need more reasons as to why POP displays are so necessary?

How Can ODM Help?

Looking for POS Display Units or Custom Retail Packaging for your products to boost sales? Fortunately, the ODM team can help you come up with inventive and unique promotional product designs. We have product designers who have vast experience in designing brand packaging and Point of Purchase displays for your business.

We also provide product brainstorming sessions and quality control services. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business through the use of effective promotional products!


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