Point of Purchase (POP) displays are more and more common in malls. Why do manufacturers use them? Are they useful? Point of Purchase marketing comes in various forms, such as packaging, salesperson, promotions, etc. But why would we still need a good POP display on top of that? With increasing competitors comes with an increasing need to stand out. Well, a well-managed POP display can definitely help you with that! A great display not only helps you build brand value, it also maximises the shelf availability.

For example, this wonderful display made by the brand Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

POP display 1

POP display 1

Here, we are going to list down why it is necessary to have a POP display.

Why POP Displays?

  • High impact at your Point of Purchase: Standing out from your competitors in the same store gives you a competitive advantage. Having a display that is eye-catching will attract first-time purchases and repurchases, as well as drive impulse purchases. A POP display will be able to announce a new product launch or a special marketing campaign. With higher brand visibility, your brand will be able to draw more attention and create more sales. Furthermore, a distinct display can promote brand recognition to a wider audience. Below is a Bobbi Brown life-size POP display that showcases one of their best selling foundations. This is one of the many ways that you can feature and bring attention to a product.

    POP display 2

    POP display

  • Highly Customisable: There is no restrictions as to what you can do to your POP display. From featuring promotions or products on an advertising easel display to a digital display. There are endless options – various shapes and sizes, colours as well as materials. However, this does not mean that the assembly process cannot be simple and affordable.
  • Interactive and Engaging: A digital display or digital advertising board ,as mentioned above, can give your consumers a highly interactive and visual experience. Adding a touchscreen feature can also create a more engaging environment. This will build a strong and positive connection between the retailer and consumer. The digital display can also show a few contents in intervals, allowing you to advertise multiple products or promotions. In addition, the retailer can also change the contents easily without having to remove the entire display. This one LED transparent screen display below is a good example:
  • Informational: Including useful details on your custom POP display will be able to satisfy consumers’ doubts and queries. For example, current promotions, promotion periods, as well as product benefits. Depending on the information displayed, you can also target specific audiences and attract potential buyers.
POP display 3

POP display 3

How Can ODM help?

A good and well-managed POP display is very necessary and extremely important for building brand awareness and giving consumers an enjoyable shopping experience. Want to use smart details and original designs to promote your brand? We can assist you every step of the way to ensure a simple and pleasant process. Feel free to contact ODM today to find out many ways to improve your business!


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