As part of their marketing scheme, G.H. Mumm’s is offering a promotional branded glass as a marketing giveaway. The branded glass is part of an in pack promo wherein customers will receive the promo gift every time they purchase the set.

How A Branded Wine Glass Boosts GH Mumm's Global Marketing

How A Branded Wine Glass Boosts GH Mumm’s Global Marketing

What Makes This Promotional Branded Glass A Great Gift With Purchase?

  • Adds value – Getting something for free from your regular purchase creates a whole idea that you are making a worthwhile purchase. Thus, consumers love getting marketing gifts from their favourite brands. Furthermore, On pack gifts are a commonly used marketing scheme because the add-on entices shoppers to buy.

Dove’s on-pack promotion is a fine example. Customers get a nautical bag for every purchase of their shampoo products. In return, customers might express their gratitude by purchasing their products the next time they go shopping. Overall, the promotional gift from Dove created new ties with new customers.

  • Boost sales – Customers are more likely to purchase products that offer promotional giveaways. Because the perceived value increases as brands offer add-ons, shoppers are more keen to buy those products that offer more value for money.
  • Practicality – Lastly, this on-pack merchandise goes well with the product being sold. And the great thing about branded glasses is that every time they are in use, it facilitates brand exposure.
How A promotional branded glass GH Mumm's Global Marketing

How A promotional branded glass GH Mumm’s Global Marketing

Opportunity for improvement

The promotional branded glass is a great promo item but it needs a POS display to further highlight the product. Place the POS display in a conspicuous place to put the brand front and centre.

So if you need help creating your own custom wine glass, feel free to contact our team for assistance. The ODM team is more than happy to help you.


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