Lately, Dead Alive Chili Saloon is proposing an interesting Gift in packaging. For every Chilli Beer bought, you get a bag of Chilli chips and a free glass with purchase.The packaging is created to contain the 3 in one offer. The design package is really fun and attracting. It stays on the theme of western times.

Using such a promotional tool is very effective when it comes to improving your sales in retail or growing your customer base! We will see why in this blog.

In Pack Promo

In Pack Promo


Why we like in pack promo

Packaging design: You can get creative! Dead Alive Chili Saloon has really created here an interesting and eye-catching design. The boxed gift set is just big enough to contain the 3 gifts. It has a cut out with plastic cover to show the three gifts inside.

– Added value: The client will feel that buying these 3 items separately would be a lot more expensive than buying them together. But putting these products in one promotional gift set makes it feel as though like they purchased all 3 items for the price of one. In turn, this will increase your sales, as the clients will buy more than what they intend to buy before seeing the offer.

– Practical: The three items complete each other. It is like a kit, with each item inviting you to use the other item in a positive circle. You need the promo beer glass to pour the beer, and you can eat the peanuts together with the beer. Practical and useful on pack offers reinforces engagement as the products are used on daily basis. Check out another bottle gift pack offer from Dead Alive Chilli Saloon:


– Appealing: The overall aspect of the product is very appealing. It makes you want to use that kit. The peanuts and the beer are a very famous snack mix. And they can have it with friends and family. Here’s another good example of a simple yet appealing gift box for the whole gang!


To sum it up, Dead Alive Chilli Saloon’s drinks gift set greatly helped the company pull in more customers through creative deign and practical on pack marketing giveaways. We love the unique packaging and the fact that all the products in the set correlate with Dead Alive Cchilli Saloon’s chilli beer.


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