Dead Alive Chilli Saloon is proposing a great promo offer recently. They sell a very good-looking Bottle gift pack that will attract a lot of clients. Also, the competition can be tough in retails. A lot of brands know the importance of innovating in promotional products. Indeed, POS promotions like this one make you stand out on the shelves.

For this offer, instead of buying bottles of Chilli sauce separately, Dead alive Chilli Saloon sells 3 bottles in the same pack. The three bottles have different flavors. You have the mild, the medium and the hot sauce. This Dea Alive Chilli Saloon collection of sauce will attract a lot of clients. On-pack promos are indeed a very good way to improve your sales.

Why we love this Bottle gift pack

Bottle Gift Pack to stand out in retail like Dead Alive Chilli Saloon

Bottle Gift Pack to stand out in retail like Dead Alive Chilli Saloon

Creative design: this themed gift pack is aligned with the visual image of the brand. The brand have used the western theme very well  here. The design stays simple, and transmits a clear message. Packaging is a strong element of marketing. Indeed, clients decide directly in the store more than half of their buying choice. This means that the promotion in-store is influencing strongly the client’s decision to buy. Therefore, investing in a good packaging is crucial. Look at this blog to understand why themed promotion is a good idea.

Appealing offer: Chili lovers will enjoy this kit that contains three different packs of chili. This would certainly look amazing on a kitchen. Also, the client that was planning to buy only one bottle of chili will consider buying three instead. He will feel that he is “making a good deal”. In addition, he will want to take advantage of that promotion. In conclusion, more clients will choose your brand. This is what we call a return-on-investment. All the money you spent in your marketing budget will get back to you in a way or another.

Brand awareness: Having a well-designed package makes you look trendy in the eyes of the customer. With such a package that attracts attention, the client will get curious about the brand.  They may get interested in your product.  In time, they can be seduced by it and become potential customers.

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