Maggi is a renowned brand for their bottle sauces such as chili sauce and tomato sauce. Maggi is an essential in every household or even in the F&B businesses. Their sauces are well-liked by many people and are given thumbs-up. Recently, it is giving a promotion whereby a free condiment bottle stand is given as a gift with purchase of any 2 bottled chicken concentrated stocks.

This gift with purchase promotion is a limited edition for the Chinese New Year festive season only. This condiment bottle stand is useful for households to store their bottled condiments in the kitchen and makes it more organized and convenient. This condiment bottle stand is targeted at housewives who are usually the cook for the family.

Maggi Condiment Bottle Stand Gift with Purchase

Maggi Condiment Bottle Stand Gift with Purchase

Why did they use this condiment bottle stand as a gift with purchase?

This condiment bottle stand is suitable for use in the kitchen. It is also in conjunction with the product that Maggi is trying to promote, the bottled chicken concentrated stock. This stand comes in stainless steel as it is the most suitable for kitchen purposes since it will not rust when in contact with water.

This will attract more consumers to purchase their bottled chicken concentrated stocks since there is a gift with purchase which is useful in the kitchen. More housewives would be attracted to purchase more of their products during this festive season.

How may this gift with purchase affect sales?

The condiment bottle stand will entice customers to purchase the bottled chicken concentrated stock in order to redeem the gift with purchase. This will increase sales for the bottled condiments. Maggi have branded their logo on the condiment bottle stand in order to increase their brand awareness.

Furthermore, the logo also facilitates free advertising to anyone who sees this condiment bottle stand, such as visitors who visit their houses. Their logo will boost brand recall every time these housewives cook in the kitchen. It will be able to enforce brand loyalty and encourage existing customers to make repeat purchases. This will ultimately increase sales for Maggi.