Scott’s Emulsion is giving away a children’s torchlight as a promotional toy with every purchase of a 400ml bottle of orange-flavoured Scott’s Emulsion Cod Liver Oil. This promotional toy has vibrant colours to attract children. In addition, there are 3 stencils given which children can attach to the torch light to make patterns against a wall. This promotional toy can be found at almost any health store in Singapore such as Guardian and Watsons.

Scott’s Emulsion Cod Liver Oil was formulated in the 1870s. Cod liver oil was used to be known for its foul taste and smell, until the less nauseating preparation of the syrup became popular. By the 1890s, this preparation of cod liver oil became prevalent and Scott’s Emulsion had factories almost all over the world. After over a 100 years, Scott’s Emulsion Cod Liver Oil is still a leading brand of cod liver oil.

Promotional Toy - Children's Torchlight

Promotional Toy – Children’s Torchlight

Why did they use a children’s torchlight as a promotional toy?

Children have a strong influence on their parent’s purchase decisions. When children see such an attractive promotional toy in the store, they would ask their parents to purchase it. Parents, seeing that this product provides health benefits, would naturally purchase the product for their children.

This promotional toy can work the other way round as well. For example, when parents see such a promotional toy given with the product, they would be attracted to purchase the promotional toy as an incentive to encourage their child to consume the syrup.

How would such a promotional toy enhance your company?

Everyone is attracted to promotional toys, especially children. Giving away such a promotional toy helps to increase sales. It can also help to increase brand awareness by attracting consumers’ attention to the promotional toy followed by the product. In addition, when children bring the toy out to play, it serves as a free form of advertising. For example, one child brings the promotional toy to class. Other students in class would then be curious about it. The child will then tell his peers of the promotional toy, advertising through word-of-mouth.